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There was evidently no time to be lost, so, hastily adopting the Fourth dimension of Space as a means of escape, he vanished through the wainscoting, and the house became quite quiet. On reaching a small secret chamber in the left wing, he leaned up against a moonbeam to recover his breath, and began to try and realize his position.

Hilton Cubitt he was able to give me two other short sentences and one message, which appeared since there was no flag to be a single word. Here are the symbols. Now, in the single word I have already got the two E's coming second and fourth in a word of five letters.

Mark, Winged Lion, Bucentaur, and all. There is no land like America for true cheerfulness and light- heartedness. Think of our Fourth of Julys and our State Fairs. Selah!" Ferris looked into the girl's serious face with twinkling eyes.

Orgul's; Tottykins the firmly domestic, whose husband grew more worried every year; Tottykins the intensely cultured and inquisitive about life, the primitively free and pervasively original, who announced in public places that she wanted always to live like the spirit of the Dancing Bacchante statue, but had the assistant rector of St. Orgul's in for coffee, every fourth Monday evening.

Through the cool and fragrant woods, past the mill-pond stained blue and white by the sky, and scented clover fields and wayside flowers nodding in the morning air Cynthia saw these things in the memory of another journey to Brampton. On that Fourth her father had been with her, and Jethro and Ephraim and Moses and Amanda Hatch and the children.

Third She affirms her companionship with Saint Michel and other Saints. Fourth She affirms certain things will occur by the revelation obtained by her from certain Saints. Fifth She affirms that her wearing a man's dress is done by her through the will of God; she has sinned by receiving the Sacrament in that garb, which she says she would sooner die than quit wearing.

"There's no use waiting until they leave," said another. "Let's take him back," said the first, discouraged. "No indeed!" The others were determined. "I am sure he will be healed if we can just find some way to get through," said one of them. The fourth man was gazing at a staircase that led up to the roof of the house next to Simon's home. "Look! Why can't we get in that way?"

He was beginning to guess the reason. But he would have to do more than guess. Curly walked back to the business section from the depot. Already the town was gay with banners in preparation for the Fourth. On the program were broncho-busting, roping, Indian dances, races, and other frontier events. Already visitors were gathering for the festivities.

He was a man of rotund presence, florid face, thrown-back head, and flowing hair, with all that magisterial condescension which the environment of the Fourth Estate nourishes in its fortunate members; the Roman citizen was "not in it" for birthright. To my bad luck a plan of Trafalgar hung in evidence, as he stalked from room to room.

And at the side a fourth, the one whom he had trapped on the island. Not one of those spiked heads rose to view him. But they knew that he was there; perhaps they had known the very instant he had left the room or cell in which they had shut him. And they were so very sure of themselves.... Once again Shann subdued a spark of anger.