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"A formidable force with no military to encounter them." "Irresistible, especially with a favourable population." "You think the people were not grieved to see them?" "Certainly. Left alone they might have remained quiet; but they only wanted the spark. We have a number of young men here who have for a long time been murmuring against our inaction and what they call want of spirit.

"I have wished the brat dead; but upon my soul, I have a stronger wish than that I have forgotten it." There was no falseness in his voice; he spoke the truth. "Forgive me, Des." "No matter about that," he answered, sauntering off. I felt happier; that spark of humanity warmed me. I might not have another. "I would," I said, "that the last day, the last moments of my visit had come.

'C. M. also suggested the first acoustic telegraph, for he proposed to have a set of bells instead of the letters, each of a different tone, and to be struck by the spark from its charged wire. The identity of 'C. M., who dated his letter from Renfrew, has not been established beyond a doubt.

Dr Lyster immediately began an answer, but before he had finished it, called out, "Now as I am told you are a very good young woman, I think you can do no less than assist me to punish this gay spark, for playing the macaroni, when he ought to visit his sick mother." Cecilia, much hurt for Delvile, and much confused for herself, looked abashed, but knew not what to answer.

Sir Francis listened to him coldly; but there came the faintest spark of amusement into his large sad eyes. "Surely, Mr.

'Run, by the true and living God I exhort you, run, and help; before the living fountain, whence you were consecrated and born again, shall dry up: before the little spark remaining of that brilliant flame, from which you knew the light, be extinguished; before your spiritual mother, the holy Church of God, in which you hope to receive eternal life, shall be humiliated, invaded, violated, and defiled by the impious.

The man he worshipped, and she detested. Abraham Lincoln would not have blushed between honest clerks and farmers Why should Stephen Brice? And what, after all, was this girl to him? He could not tell. Almost the first day he had come to St. Louis the wires of their lives had crossed, and since then had crossed many times again, always with a spark.

Stanmore, too, had just sent back a misfitting costume to the dressmaker for the third time; so each lady being, as it were, primed and loaded, the lightest spark would suffice to produce explosion.

We made sure that the gate and the broken window opening were well watched, for there was the white calico of the sentries to be seen; but soon the darkness hid them, and we should not have known that they were there but for the faint spark now and then which shewed that they were smoking, and once I heard, quite plain in the dead stillness, the sound made by a "hubble-bubble" pipe.

Either the spark was off the plug or the plug was off the spark, I forget which. Then Gup said: "Get right up on my back, doctor. I can carry you and Buddy, too. It's no great weight, I assure you. Never mind the automobile. They are always making trouble." So Dr. Possum, with his medicine box, climbed upon Gup's back, behind Buddy, and he helped hold the little guinea pig on during the ride home.