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Oates affirmed, that he had fallen under suspicion with the Jesuits; that he had received three blows with a stick and a box on the ear from the provincial of that order, for revealing their conspiracy; and that, overhearing them speak of their intentions to punish him more severely, he had withdrawn, and concealed himself.

He insisted that I should deliver him the keys, threatening to punish me if I did not. But I let him know that he should not have them say what he would. He then laid aside trying to get them.

To the ordinary mind this looks like a new breach of the Covenant, that impossible treaty with Omnipotence. Charles had written that the divisions of parties were probably "God's way to punish them for their many rebellions and perfidies." The punishment was now beginning in earnest, and the alliance of extreme Covenanters with "bloody sectaries" could not be maintained.

'There is the law. You must apply to it. The law will punish the man if he has done wrong. 'But the law will not punish him! she cried with scorn. 'The law? The law is your law, the law of the rich. And he' she pointed to the bed 'was poor and a servant. And the man who killed him was his master. So he goes free of the law! 'But if he killed him? Sir George muttered lamely.

"A lawful command means an order established by law; now where is that law? besides, the captain told me when I kicked that blackguard down the hatchway, that there was only the captain who could punish, and that officers could not take the law into their own hands; why then has the master?" "His doing wrong as superior officer is no reason why you as an inferior should disobey him.

Now perceive I well, that you are an occasion to make this place, which is the principall city of all Thessaly, to be forsaken of all men, and to reduce it into an uninhabitable Desart, by reasone of your excessive prices of victuals, but assure yourself that you shall not escape without punishment, and you shall know what myne office is, and how I ought to punish such as offend.

Shall I punish him for that? You attacked that dreadful man, of whom everybody is afraid, and voluntarily brought calamity upon yourselves what do you want then? Shall I order him not to defend himself, when it pleases you to attack him?" "It was not the Order that attacked him, but its guests, foreign knights," answered Hugo.

"Senor," said Jack, "the best way to punish oneself for doing ill, seems to me to go and do good; and the best way to find out whether God means you well, is to find out whether He will help you to do well. If you have wronged Indians in time past, see whether you cannot right them now. If you can, you are safe. For the Lord will not send the devil's servants to do His work."

Was it rage at her mockery, or infinite compassion for her despair? Would he slay a demon, or ransom a spirit from hateful bonds? Would he save a woman from disgrace and misery to come? or punish her for the vilest falsehood? Who can tell? for Leopold himself never could.

Not that his marrying the girl is any business of mine; but I will punish him for disobedience of orders, at all events. Try him by a court-martial, by heavens!" The secretary made no reply: he knew very well that the admiral would do no such thing. "The Enterprise anchored at daylight, sir," reported the secretary as the admiral sat down to breakfast. "And where's Mr Templemore?"