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"On," cried the wounded man, faintly; "save yourselves, if possible, and leave me." "You must have a poor opinion of Americans if you expect us to do that," cried Fred, with as much coolness as I ever saw him exhibit in my life.

Besides, we consider that we have as good a right as any one to point out a neighbour's faults, particularly when we contemplate the great contrast between the two national characters; a contrast of which, as far as we can see, you have little perception, having never yet considered what sort of antagonists you will encounter in the Athenians, how widely, how absolutely different from yourselves.

And now, again, when all the Englishmen were dead, the voices cried: "Why fight any longer? Your sahibs are killed. Save yourselves, and surrender, before you are all killed. We will give you quarter." Left in command was Jemadar Jewand Singh, a splendid Sikh officer of the Guides' cavalry, and not one whit behind his British officers in brave resolve.

It is not merely equivalent to consider, for these Jews by no means thought themselves unworthy of eternal life, but it means, 'ye adjudge and pass sentence on yourselves to be. Their rejection of the message was a self- pronounced sentence.

Charlie Hubbard was there too; he had remained in Philadelphia during the whole trial, and had just returned home that morning. "And so you are positively going to-morrow," said Mr. Wyllys to young de Vaux. "Positively; at six in the morning." "Is it part of your plan, to stow yourselves away at night in the Petrel?" "The Petrel's cabin is not to be despised, I assure you, sir.

"I have a brace of revolvers upstairs," he said, "and will give one to each of you boys. Carry them always, but put them on under your coats, so that they may not be noticed; it would be as well for you to practice yourselves in their use; but when you do so, always go some distance from the station, so that the sound will not be heard." "Can you give Rose and me a pistol each, too, papa?"

Ha! ha! the scamp went hunting about for pretty models. And where had he picked up that one? More and more embarrassed by these remarks, Claude went on fidgetting. 'What a couple of idiots you are! he exclaimed, 'If you only knew what fools you are making of yourselves. That'll do. You really make me sorry for both of you.

I was often greatly stirred up and refreshed in these meetings; and twice, being in a backsliding state, and therefore cold and miserable, I opened my heart to the brethren, and was brought out of that state through the means of their exhortations and prayers. "Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together," is a most important exhortation.

Our consecration is for a deeper work, that is to say, for the removal of inbred sin, which, after all, is not accomplished by our consecration, though that is an essential preliminary, but by the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. The essence of consecration is in the sentence, "Yield yourselves unto God." When you yield yourselves, you yield everything else.

For this question of areas has its Imperial as well as its local side. You have already seen the Liberal party split upon the Transvaal question; you yourselves have I am told experienced some slight parallel tendency to fission, and it is interesting to note that this was, after all, only another aspect of this great question of areas, which I would now discuss in relation to municipal trading.