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So said we all when we left the class room to-day, and with a holy consecration to our new-born faith, we trust we shall ever grow in grace and wisdom as God's children, according to the promise. "Mrs.

In Artois and Picardy our own British graves lie thickly scattered over the murdered earth; and those of America's young and heroic dead, in the battle-fields of Soissons, the Marne, and the Argonne, have given it, this last year, a new consecration.

After the consecration, the king and his friends listened to an address from the Bishop of Tournay, in which he described in Latin the dauphin's sojourn in the Netherlands. The Duke of Burgundy was the hero of the occasion. He felt that all future power was in his hands and that Louis XI. could never do enough to repay him for his wonderful hospitality.

Who counts it gain His light would wane, So the whole world to Jesus throng?" The Moral Greatness of the Baptist Thoughts on Envy Christian Consecration The Baptist's Creed The Voice of the Beloved From the Jordan Valley our Lord returned to Galilee and Nazareth.

A like vote was passed in 1884, desiring the Bishop "to supplement the sermons delivered at this and the preceding Conventions with a third at the Convention of 1885, necessary to the historical completion by the same hand of the centenary commemoration of the Consecration of the Rev. Samuel Seabury, D.D., as the first Bishop of Connecticut."

He perceived at last the form all religion takes is that of consecration to a Cause, one of God's many causes. The meaning of life is to find one's Cause, to lose one's self in it. His was the liberation of the Word, now vouchsafed to him; the freeing of the spark from under the ashes. The phrase was Alison's.

He dwelt in a realm of paradoxes, discovered that exaltation was not incompatible with anxiety and dread. He had no thought of wavering; he had achieved to an extent he would not have believed possible the sense of consecration which brings with it indifference to personal fortunes, and the revelation of the inner world, and yet he shrank from the wounds he was about to receive and give.

"Marion Delegass, the most notoriously disreputable actress even on the French stage? Well, she'll be a change from your parsons." "Luckily her last week is the week of the consecration of the heathen." "Is she to take part?" "Don't be flippant. I am to give Mlle. Delegass a luncheon. I've arranged it by letter.

Pope Stephen took refuge here from the Lombards in 754 A. D., during which time he anointed the king's sons, Charles and Charlemagne; upon the consecration of which act Pepin handed over to his sons the right and title to his dominions. Upon the advice of the Abbot Suger, Louis VI. adopted the Oriflamme, or standard of St.

On the next Sunday but one, June 3, 1162, Thomas was consecrated Archbishop at Canterbury by the Bishop of Winchester, as the see of London was vacant. As his first official act the new prelate ordained that the feast in honour of the Trinity should be henceforth kept on the anniversary of his consecration. See the review of the whole controversy in Thatcher, Studies Concerning Adrian IV .

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