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He must also see that the negroes are out promptly in the morning, and in their houses after curfew, and must show no favoritism among the negroes. He must carry on all experiments as directed by the employer, and use all new implements and methods which the employer may determine upon; and he must keep a full plantation diary and make monthly inventories.

"She is too ill, I regret to say, to see visitors," answered the schoolmistress. "Had her father come, I of course should not have objected." "I am acting in the place of her father," said the general, "and I must insist on seeing the young lady, who has, I understand, been made ill by a system of fasting and penances which all right-minded people must consider objectionable."

With such firm feet we have walked in the lighted way that we gaze back upon, how can we fear the Valley of the Shadow? Ah! none but they, indeed, who have threescore years and ten hived away in the past, can see the high design of Heaven in their lives, and from the wrong side of the pattern picture out the right.

"For," said he, "you all know how slowly I fly, and how careful I am to see everything." "Yes, especially if it be something good to eat," chirped the saucy Jay, "do not trust him, birds, he is too greedy." Yet the Heron was allowed to go. He flapped away, slowly and sedately, and the Council sat down to await his return.

It was a great satisfaction to Elinor that Mrs. Jennings, by being much engaged in her own room, could see little of what was passing.

As he replaced the bottle and went on with the thread of the conversation, I saw that in shaking the bottle he had abstracted a couple of the tablets before she realized it. "I can't tell you just what to do without thinking the case over," he concluded, rising to go. "Yours is a peculiar case, Miss Haversham, baffling. I'll have to study it over, perhaps ask Dr. Maudsley If I may see you again.

The event deeply affected him; he had not seen her since his return, and a presentiment possessed her when they parted, that she was never to see him again.

I'm proud ter see it!" Borrowing or making change was now the order of the moment, as every individual present who had not already contributed felt called upon thus to exonerate himself from so grave a charge.

"Delighted to see you, Miss Bronson," said he, "delighted, I'm sure. Thought I'd call and pay my respects before you leave the city." He greeted us all with like effusiveness and sat down facing Hester. "It's very kind of you," said she; "but pray how did you know I was to leave the city?" "Why, I'm sure, Miss Bronson, everybody knows you are going home to be married?"

Now run to him. Let no one see the feather, and do not turn aside to talk to any one like the little hare that did not mind its mother." "When will you tell me the story of the hare?" asked White Cloud. "Do not talk about stories now. Run along. You must not wait a minute. I will watch you all the way. Your father, I think, will come back with you." White Cloud soon found her father.