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She did not guess it; but when she met him at the church-door, after service, she was careful to address him as "Mr. Kinzer," and that made poor Dabney blush to his very eyes. "There!" he exclaimed: "I know it." "Know what?" asked Annie. "Know what you're thinking." "Do you, indeed?" "Yes: you think I'm like the crabs." "What do you mean?"

He recommended them to be especially careful to provide corn, because those regions were nearest to him.

He'd better be careful what he says before ME. I'll catch him I'll trip him up I'll keep tabs on his arguments. I'm bound to have some fun out of this church going business. Does he ever preach hell?" "No o o I don't think so." "Too bad. I like sermons on that subject.

Once or twice Sim has failed to come around after I have waved the rest of the procession by, and we have had to stay at home. I have spoken to him severely about this, and he is more careful now. Because of our great interest in automobiles, vicarious or otherwise, there is no class-hatred in Homeburg.

"We've both been mercifully preserved, Sam, and the best thing we can do is to drink to our noble selves and be more careful for the future." Mr.

It is curious to read Winthrop's careful explanation, that when corn is parched it turns entirely inside out, and is "white and floury within;" and to think that there ever was a time when pop-corn was a novelty to white children in New England. Wood said that sukquttahhash was "seethed like beanes."

Pass between those pillars, and then you will be in the kingdom of the Gnomes. Ask the first Gnome you meet to show you the place where the King ploughs; and when you have found him, ask him where the Golden Ivy-seed is. But be very careful to do everything that he bids you, no matter how strange or disagreeable it may be; for, if you disobey him, your brother Hector cannot be saved.

"The legislature is hopelessly lost," I told Woodruff; "we must concentrate on the governorship. We must save what we can." In fact, so overwhelmingly was our party in the majority, and so loyal were its rank and file, that it was only by the most careful arrangement of weak candidates and of insufficient campaign funds that I was able to throw the legislature to the opposition.

"Then I hate to see one, to whom heaven has given real beauty, settling her features at the glass of fashion, while she speaks not thinking so much of what she says as how she looks, and more careful of the action of her lips than of what shall come from them. "An old woman endeavoring to put herself back to a girl.

By the same principle, inequality of wages cannot be admitted by law on the ground of inequality of talents; because the just distribution of wealth is the function of economy, not of enthusiasm. Finally, as regards donations, wills, and inheritance, society, careful both of the personal affections and its own rights, must never permit love and partiality to destroy justice.