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Your mamma's communications with my papa had the effect you indicate, and he took me into his confidence the same evening. He too questions the purity of your motives in marrying me, alleging that they are vitiated by a spirit of self-sacrifice, tainted by the baneful influence of unselfishness. He is alive to the possibility that you hate me cordially, but are pretending."

Starling, when some time had passed, "how do you get along with your husband?" Diana's eyes opened slightly. "It would be a very strange person that could not get on with Mr. Masters," she answered. "Easy, is he? I hate easy men! The best of 'em are helpless enough; but when you get one of the easy soft, they are consented if every door hangs on one hinge." Diana made no answer.

I cannot but think you are far from knowing the worst of Simon MacTaggart." "The worst!" said Doom. "That's between himself and Hell, but I know as much as most, and it's enough to make me sure the man's as boss as an empty barrel. He was once a sort of friend of mine, till twenty years ago my wife grew to hate the very mention of his name.

"My manners must have been in fault, but not intentionally, I assure you. I never meant to deceive you, but my spirits might often lead me wrong. How you must have hated me after that evening?" "Hate you! I was angry perhaps at first, but my anger soon began to take a proper direction." "I am almost afraid of asking what you thought of me, when we met at Pemberley. You blamed me for coming?"

"If you care for him sever all connection with him utterly, and for ever. Otherwise, he will live to curse and hate you." No, no! Geoffrey would never do that. But Lady Honoria was quite right; in his interest, for his sake, she must sever all connection with him sever it utterly and for ever. But how how?

War against war. Why, every sword drawn in this war was drawn in the interests of peace? Overthrow this great War God, and this might be the last European war. He thought of all his old arguments. "I say unto you, love your enemies, do good to them that hate you." The spirit of it all was, Live by the law of Love. He did not hate the Germans.

It is an old story, I think, and you may find instances of that also in your ancient Palestine. But beware, my boy, beware " "'Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you. Ye know that it hated me before it hated you." The exaltation of John's manner was increasing, and again the Prime Minister became uneasy, as if fearing that the young monk by his side would ask him next to kneel and pray.

As far as we bore in mind the creed we had adopted, of our single existence, we could neither love nor hate. Sympathy would be a solemn mockery. We could not communicate; for the being to whom our communication was addressed we were satisfied was a non-entity. We could not anticipate the pleasure or pain, the joy or sorrow, of another; for that other had no existence.

"Tell her that we are no Spaniards, but that we hate them; and are come across the great waters to help the Indians to kill them." The boy translated his speech. The nymph answered by a contemptuous shake of the head. "Tell her, that if she will send her tribe to us, we will do them no harm. We are going over the mountains to fight the Spaniards, and we want them to show us the way."

I'd hate for you to have the bad luck to get me for your lawyer." He laughed, boyishly. There was a very engaging quality about his candor. The Irishman shot an abrupt question at him. "Are you John Beaudry's son him that was fighting sheriff of Washington County twenty years ago?" A hint of apprehension flickered into the eyes of the young man. "Yes," he said.

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