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A smile flickered on Haig's lips, and went out; and at the same time a tiny trickle of blood oozed out, and ran down through the dust on the white cheek. Pete and Farrish looked at each other; and when they turned to Haig again, his eyes were closed, and the pallor of his face had deepened to a bluish, ashen hue. Pete bent quickly to put his ear again to Haig's breast.

The whole day the Snow-man looked through the window; towards dusk the room grew still more inviting; the stove gave out a mild light, not at all like the moon or even the sun; no, as only a stove can shine, when it has something to feed upon. When the door of the room was open, it flared up-this was one of its peculiarities; it flickered quite red upon the Snow-man's white face.

"All the same, you have not quite seen our point," said Tibby. Mr. Wilcox, who was in good spirits, retorted, "I don't suppose I ever shall." He leant back, laughing at the gifted but ridiculous family, while the fire flickered over the map of Africa. Margaret motioned to her brother to go on. Rather diffident, he obeyed her. "Margaret's point is this," he said. "Our sister may be mad."

Niebeldingk who had waited behind his curtain, half-amused, half-bored for in the silent, distinguished street where everyone knew him a scandal was to be avoided at any cost Niebeldingk hastened to make up for his neglect at once. The dark fell. Here and there the street-lamps flickered through the purple air of the summer dusk....

"Haven't I?" said Nick, with an odd smile. "I thought I had." He looked down at her, and a queer little flame leaped up like an evil spirit in his eyes, flickered an instant, and was gone. "I thought I had," he said again, in a different tone. "But we won't quarrel about that. Tell me what you want to do." Her answer came with a vehemence that perhaps he had hardly expected.

The nails in the wall looked ominous as before and their shadows flickered. It was cold. I thought I saw my sister coming in with my supper, but I remembered at once that she was ill at Radish's, and it seemed strange to me that I should have climbed the fence and be lying in the cold shed. My mind was blurred and filled with fantastic imaginations.

He paused and seemed to listen, then very quietly released her hand. A curious expression flickered across his face as he did so, and a little chill went through her. It was like the closing of the furnace door. "I am going," he said. "But I shall come back I shall come back." His smile, sudden and magnetic, gleamed for an instant and was gone.

The grey eyes, meeting eyes dark, kindly, and penetrating, flickered and fell; so much emotion they betrayed, no more, and that as disingenuous as you could wish. "Doggott!" insisted Amber, disconcerted. "Surely you haven't forgotten me Mr. Amber?" The man shook his head. "Beg pardon, sir," he said; "you've got my nyme 'andy enough, but I don't know you, and " "But Mr. Rutton?"

As Stephen descended by the light from the dust-laden window, a chill dampness rose like a fog from the earth below and filled his nostrils and mouth and throat a dampness which choked him like the effluvium of poverty. Glancing in from the area a moment later, he saw a scantily furnished room, heated by an open stove and lighted by a single jet of gas, which flickered in a thin greenish flame.

They went out of the room, treading softly. A little way up the staircase that led from the landing to the upper parts of the house a light flickered down to them, and they perceived the pale face of the housemaid diligently regarding them. Julian beckoned to her. "You showed the gentleman the gentleman who is dead to his room last night?" "Yes, sir.