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Le Chapelier swore softly, muttering: "Name of a name! It is tempting Providence to play the fool in this fashion!" Andre-Louis observed the ashen pallor that now over spread the face of his opponent. "I think you begin to realize, monsieur, what Philippe de Vilmorin must have felt that day at Gavrillac. I desired that you should first do so.

The only sign of life lay in her beautiful eyes, the gaze of which remained unswervingly fixed upon the chancellor's ashen countenance. "Hildegarde," said the duke, "you shall become my daughter, and you shall dwell here till the end of your days. I will try to right the wrong that has been done to you." "No, your Highness," she replied.

"Have you ever been married?" "No, sir." "Do you expect ever to be married?" "Oh! No, sir." She was ashen pale now, quivering all over, with her strong hands clasping the black hood, and she could no longer meet the judge's glance. "Have you any any children?" the judge asked, haltingly. It was a hard question to get out. "No."

He had certainly a frightful face. It was not only the length of his coal-black hair and beard; it was the hue of his skin, a greenish ashen colour, an unspeakably hideous complexion, sharpened on the one hand by the red handkerchief over his ears and on the other by the dazzle of the snow. Then, again, there was the extreme strangeness of his costume.

Twice her breath went from her lips in great sighs. Then she stood, pale and silent. "Safely shall he sail the Firth," piped the thin voice. "Safely shall he sit in Fareys. Safely shall he lie in white Gudruda's arms hee! hee! Think of it, lady!" Then Swanhild shook like a birth-tree in the gale, and her face grew ashen. "I am content," she said. "Hee! hee! Brave lady! She is content!

And there thou wert before me, full of life and ruddy and smiling both lips and eyes; thy raiment clean and clear, thine hands stained with blood: then didst thou take me by my bloody and weary hand, and didst kiss my lips grown ashen pale, and thou saidst 'Come with me. And I strove to go, and might not; so many and sore were my hurts.

The possibility, dangling at the other end of the slender thread of chance, did not allure him. For he knew he could not draw the pistol at his hip with Harlan's gaze upon him that would be suicide. "Deveny!" Harlan's voice, snapping with menace roused him, straightened him, brought an ashen pallor to his face. "It's your turn, Deveny. You stay here. Flash your gun!"

Coming so far through the clear, sunny atmosphere among the green tree-tops, I thought it had sounded airily and sweetly; and the effect on my companions was the stranger. "Come," said Silver, struggling with his ashen lips to get the word out, "this won't do. Stand by to go about.

I sent my servant back to the fort for reinforcements and rode on to give the alarm. As I neared the house, I saw their war party skulking in the woods, so that the attack may not be long delayed." Her face had turned ashen, and I was glad that I had kept her hands in mine, else she would have fallen. "There is no danger," I added cheerily.

If his cool judgment approve of what has been done, we may well suppose that it has not been done in too much haste, or needlessly." "Think, Beulah," rejoined Maud, with an ashen cheek, and in trembling tones, "that Evert and Robert may, at this very moment, be engaged in strife against each other.

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