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"Well," replied the sultan, "but inform me on what account thou art come here." On which he said, "My lord, this cannot be done but in privacy." "Let it be so," rejoined the sultan; and rising up, led him into a retired apartment of the palace.

Racine was tart, bitter in discussion; Boileau always preserved his coolness: his judgments frequently anticipated those of posterity. The king asked him one day who was the greatest poet of his reign. "Moliere, sir," answered Boileau, without hesitation. "I shouldn't have thought it, rejoined the king, somewhat astonished; "but you know more about it than I do."

The marquis rejoined him on the stair, and led him, two stories higher, to the armoury, now empty compared to its former condition, but still capable of affording some supply.

'The fact is, we have only one extra with our boys, and that is for doctors when required and not then, unless we're sure of our customers. Do you see? 'I understand, said Ralph. 'Very good, rejoined Squeers. Ha! ha! ha! 'And a good plan too, said Ralph, eyeing the schoolmaster stealthily. 'I believe you, rejoined Squeers. 'We always do it.

Dinks hoped certainly that he never should. "But I sha'n't be a very hard husband, Fanny. I shall let you do pretty much as you want to." "Dearest, I know you will," rejoined his charmer. "But the thing is now to know whether your mother has seen Hope Wayne." "I'll go and ask her," said Alfred, rising.

Pavel laughed and said: "I feel bad I didn't argue with him." "We'll have a chance to argue with him still," the Little Russian rejoined. "You keep on playing your flute; whoever has gay feet, if they haven't grown into the ground, will dance to your tune. Rybin would probably have said that we don't feel the ground under us, and need not, either. Therefore it's our business to shake it.

After a few inquiries regarding her visit, he said, "May I be allowed to inquire who is responsible for your sudden decision against me?" "You, and you alone, are responsible," she replied. "But I do not understand you," he said. "Explanations are unnecessary," she rejoined, coldly. Walcott grew angry. "I know very well that certain of your friends are no friends of mine.

'Didn't I see somebody for me, come in? cried the lodger. 'Yes, Sir, replied Dick. 'Certainly, Sir. 'Then where is he? roared the single gentleman. 'He's here, sir, rejoined Mr Swiveller. 'Now young man, don't you hear you're to go up-stairs? Are you deaf?

'Zabdas intends no wrong, I am well assured, rejoined Otho. 'I would only add a word, to show upon what I ground my doubt of good success, should Aurelian muster all his strength. It cannot be thought that I have lost my faith in the military genius and prowess of either Zenobia or Zabdas, with both of whom, side by side, I have fought so many times, and by their conduct mounted up to victory.

"Why, you'll have the laugh of your young life after we've pulled the stunt off," remarked Bill. "When will we do it, Jack?" "Not to-night, that's certain," responded the other. "I've had enough excitement for one day." "What's the matter with to-morrow night, then?" "I'm agreeable. How about you, Sam?" "I wish you fellows would leave me out of it," rejoined the bully's timid chum.