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She left the room, and retired to one very near it; and sitting down on the floor, fixed her eyes on the door of the apartment which contained the body. Every event of her life rushed across her mind with wonderful rapidity yet all was still fate had given the finishing stroke. She sat till midnight. Then rose in a phrensy, went into the apartment, and desired those who watched the body to retire.

The lamp threw a dull illumination about the room. It was a picturesque apartment, carefully planned. Not an object that had not been chosen with care and the utmost discrimination. The walls had been treated with copper leaf till they produced a sombre, iridescent effect of green and faint gold, that suggested the depth of a forest glade shot through with the sunset.

After conducting the tramp to the pantry, and letting him loose on a cold pigeon-pie and other viands, and finally installing him on the study sofa, I retired to my own apartment, well prepared to enjoy a good night's rest. This was destined, however, to be of short duration.

"Yet you must spare me a part of one, and teach me to keep accounts," said she, and smiled bravely albeit her face was wan. Mr. Langton sat in his private apartment by Boston Quay trying the balance of a malacca cane. Sir Oliver had sailed a week ago. Mr. Langton had walked down to the ship with him and taken his farewell instructions.

Edith Franks looked at her for a moment in a puzzled way. "I shall expect you down to dinner," she said. "Dinner will be ready in a quarter of an hour. Mind, I shall expect you." Florence made no answer. She slowly left the room, closing the door after her, and retired to her own apartment. Edith Franks clasped both her hands to her head.

It was not an hundred yards away, divided by a little passage-way from Her Majesty's apartment, and adjoining the King's, with a wall between. There were five of these; besides those who lodged with their families but they changed so continually that I could not be sure whether I knew any of them or not.

Sitting as I do at this moment in my hired apartment, writing beside the hearth, over which hangs a print of Queen Victoria, listening to the muffled roar of the world's metropolis, and with a window at but five paces distant, through which, whenever I please, I can gaze out on actual London, with all this positive certainty as to my whereabouts, what kind of notion, do you think, is just now perplexing my brain?

Go, Pan-sat, immediately delay not an instant." "But stay," he called as the under priest turned to leave the apartment; "saw or heard you anything of the strange white woman that Ja-don stole from the Temple of the Gryf where we have had her imprisoned?" "Only that Ja-don took her into the palace where he threatened the priests with violence if they did not permit him to pass," replied Pan-sat.

It was ten o'clock the next day, a silent gray day, when Aunt Kate let herself into the apartment, and "let out," to use her own phrase, a startled exclamation at finding her young daughter-in-law deeply asleep in her bed.

In the roof of the apartment, exactly in the middle, there is an aperture almost cylindrical through the whole thickness of the rock, about three feet in diameter. This is the Place of the Prophet. M. Burckhardt observed a copy of the Koran, the leaves of which were four feet long, and more than two feet and a half broad.