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"I have just been explaining the situation to his Majesty," said Buck, curtly, but recovering his civility. "I am not sure, however, whether his Majesty knows how much the matter affects you also." "It affects both of us, yer see, yer Majesty, as this scheme was started for the benefit of the 'ole neighbourhood. So Mr. Buck and me we put our 'eads together " The King clasped his hands.

But, oh, my, don't I wish I could, though!" There was so much longing in the voice that Phronsie brought her gaze down from the policemen in their heavenly work to the eyes staring at her. And she clasped her hands together tightly, and hurried up to lay her face against the big iron gate and close to that of the girl. "He won't hurt you, the big policeman won't," she whispered softly.

"You are a good child, but inexperienced in practical matters," and Professor Porter turned and walked slowly away toward the jungle, his hands clasped beneath his long coat tails and his eyes bent upon the ground. His daughter watched him with a pathetic smile upon her lips, and then turning to Mr. Philander, she whispered: "Please don't let him wander off again as he did yesterday.

Count Theodore had taken the relic of some saint from a pocket-book which he carried in his breast, and was, in Russian fashion as I think, confessing his sins over it; while his sister sat silent and motionless by the fire, with livid face and clasped hands. It was burning low, but I saw the woodman's face darken.

He had some flowers in his hand, that a happy maiden had laid on the altar of the Goddess Hathor, which he had served since the previous day, and he gave them to the sick girl, who took them with a blush, and held them between her clasped hands. "The great Goddess whom I serve sends you these," said Pentaur, "and they will bring you healing. Continue to resemble them.

That his life should have been simultaneous with the perfect literary unfolding of the old Volkslied in the superb lyrics of Goethe, Heine, and their school, is quite remarkable. Poe-try and song clasped hands on the same lofty summits of genius. Liszt has given to our composer the title of le musicien le plus poétique, which very well expresses his place in art.

A few swam with unnatural vigour for a yard or two, and then went down with a gurgling cry; but in a very few minutes the work of death was complete. All were gone except the strong seaman, who clasped the little child in his left arm and buffeted the billows with his right. Once and again were they overwhelmed; but as often did they rise above the foam to continue the battle.

While Charles in a fervent, silent prayer commended John to the favour of Heaven, the most faithful of his attendants was gazing at the sovereign's son. Hitherto Heaven had denied him the joy of possessing a child. How he would have clasped this lovely creature to his heart if it had been his!

Her cheeks burned, and a pulse beat in her throat, under the string of pearls. She clasped and unclasped her hands, and they were very cold. "He shan't go to that woman, and take her out in my place in the Bright Angel!" she said out aloud, and flew to the door. "Mr. Hilliard! Mr. Hilliard!" she called. Everything seemed to depend though this was nonsense! on his not having got to the elevator.

This seemed a bit strange to Everychild, but he said politely, "I'm very fond of sitting on the floor myself." And so they sat down on the floor and clasped their hands about their knees. "And so this is where you live!" said Everychild, looking about him with frank interest. "It is where I did live. I'll live here no more, now that I've found somebody to run away with.