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That there is such a country as Persia we all know, that English interests predominate in the south and Russian interests in the north we have all superficially understood from childhood; but in this knowledge, coupled with the fact that Persia is comfortably far away, we are apt to rest content.

So I took him here, and another man gave him clothes. He's anything but what he seems to be his only advantage is that he can't speak English and can't understand it, so he's perfectly safe. 'He's very dirty, said the young Russian swiftly and silently. Directly, the man appeared in the doorway. 'What is it? said Halliday. The Hindu grinned, and murmured shyly: 'Want to speak to master.

Rose this morning much cast down in mind at the thought of our long journey, and a want of a knowledge of the Russian language. Poured my complaint in fervency of soul before the Lord, and was a little comforted in believing that he would still care for us and preserve us in this strange and long wilderness travel.

Nearly an hour later the Englishman succeeded in raising himself to his hands and knees, but at the first forward movement he pitched upon his face. A moment later he heard an exclamation of relief from Monsieur Thuran. "I am coming," whispered the Russian.

Dostojevsky's "Brothers Caramazov" was published nearly at the same time as Nietzsche's "Zarathustra" with its message of the Superman. Again two antipodes! You will in vain try to find such contrasts in the world as the Russian and Germano-Carlylean literature.

How much longer, Alexander must have asked himself, could this state of things continue? It was praiseworthy in him that he cared nothing for popular opinion, but he might not be able to hold out against it much longer. It was very significant that in a formal note just received from St. Petersburg by the hand of a Russian officer, Alexander advised peace.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that in 1909 Austria had mobilized against Serbia and Montenegro, and in 1912-13 Russia and Austria had mobilized against one another without war ensuing in either case. Moreover, in view of the slowness of Russian mobilization, it is difficult to believe that a day or two would make the difference between security and ruin to Germany.

We know that Herr Max never did anything of the kind; that he is the gentlest and best of men; and that in Russian affairs he has always been on the side of the more merciful methods, as against those who would have meted out to the Czar the harsher measure of pure justice.

Crashing comes the Russian music, drowning all that hellish chorus, pouring vigor, might, and hope into the hearts of men. . . .

There is only one country in the world with a ring-fence round it. If a Russian is driven from his home, he will go to another part of Russia: there is always room. Before the advance of the spoilers, chartered by their leader to unlimited and open rapine indeed, he had led them hither with that understanding the Prussians, peasant and noble alike, fled to the East.