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A safe escort would be provided for us, and we would be on British soil within a few hours after our meeting. It is only necessary to add that when I arrived at Green Fancy I met Prince Ugo, and understood! I had carefully covered my tracks after leaving Boston. My real friends were, and still are, completely in the dark as to my movements, so skilfully was the trick managed.

I had seated myself again at the table. I put my hand to my forehead. "Don't make it hard, Hugh," I heard her say, gently. "Believe me, it is best. I know. There won't be any talk about it, right away, at any rate. People will think it natural that I should wish to go abroad for the summer. And later well, the point of view about such affairs has changed. They are better understood."

Dim suggestions of "The North American Review," of "The Dial," of Cambridge, a sort of vague "miel-fleur" of authorship and poetry, is supposed to float in the air around them; and it is generally understood that in their homes exist tastes and appreciations denied to less favored regions.

I was best man at his wedding; and because he married a girl that understood, his house became more like a home to me than any other place that my wandering life has found. I saw its amazing architectural proportions erupt into the pride of Eastridge.

We did not think there was much to be made in farming, as it is generally understood, but the farm would give us our living and certain specialties we thought could be relied on for profit. Hot-house cucumbers, cold frame violets, mushrooms, and last, but by no means least, the putting up "home-made," in glass of vegetables and fruits for sale to private buyers.

It is a curious fact that not only the violin but violin music was the creature of the most luxurious period of art; for, in that golden age of the creative imagination, musicians contemporary with the great violin-makers were writing music destined to be better understood and appreciated when the violins then made should have reached their maturity.

There was such a roar of wind and waters at the spot that it was not practicable to speak to him, but I beckoned with my finger and then pointed to the road, indicating that he should have walked. He understood me, though I did not at the moment understand his answering gesture.

She had hastened to report this conversation in detail to Chief Fleck, but if he understood what it was about he had taken neither Jane nor Thomas Dean into his confidence. Other things, too, Jane had learned and reported, which she knew the chief appreciated even though he was sparing in his thanks and compliments.

Spragg had "helped out" his ruined father-in-law, and had vowed on his children's graves that no Apex child should ever again drink poisoned water and out of those two disinterested impulses, by some impressive law of compensation, material prosperity had come. What Ralph understood and appreciated was Mrs. Spragg's unaffected frankness in talking of her early life.

This means, as is generally understood, not merely the acquisition of so much new territory, but the perpetuation of national rivalries and suspicions, maintaining in full vigor, in this age, the traditions of past animosities.