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"Well, then, great chief, will you let me examine the youth, I am a doctor, too, and perhaps I can do something to help your son." Before an answer could be given, the Medicine Man leaped before the missionary and in wild rage gave vent to his fury. He danced, screamed, and denounced the pale-face stranger in the most violent terms.

Others, like Ranadé and Telang, had been for a long time past vigorous advocates of Indian social reforms. With them were a few Englishmen chief among them a retired civilian Mr. Hume who were in complete sympathy with their aspirations.

Hamilton's chief punishment for his thunderbolt was in his conscience, and his leadership of his party was not questioned for a moment. He expected a paternal rebuke from General Schuyler, but that old warrior, severe always with the delinquencies of his own children, had found few faults in his favourite son-in-law; and he took a greater pride in his career than he had taken in his own.

His conqueror, whose name is not worth recording, was one of those comparatively rare Chinese monsters who served their Manchu masters only too well. Eleven days after the Sultan's death, he invited the chief men of the town to a feast, and after putting them all to death, gave the signal for a general massacre, in which thirty thousand persons are said to have been butchered.

And above all, on the eve of a great battle, the soul, which is the chief, must see to it that his soldier, which is the body, is in a condition to do him service. These were the words of a wise man, and they are worthy of being remembered. Drink your chocolate, my son, for you well know that we are about to go into action."

There was something in his appearance which gave the youth the suspicion that he was the chief or leader of the band of raiders, though there could be no certainty on that point. Nothing would have been easier than for Avon, from where he stood, to shoot down the savage and appropriate his horse for himself.

Moreover, Lucullus was given the chief command by his country, but Kimon won for his country the honour of commanding the other Greek states.

The other chief of the Protestant league, the Landgrave of Hesse, was also forced to submit, and detained in captivity, contrary to the pledged word of the emperor; who, fearless of any further resistance to his supreme authority, convoked a diet at Augsburg in 1548.

This process of coalescence has from the outset been brought about by the needs of industrial civilization, and the chief obstacle which it has had to encounter has been the universal hostility and warfare bequeathed from primeval times.

"I know him only as an American, sir," was the reply. "He has taken the oaths of allegiance within the last week, and as such is an acknowledged subject of the American States." "I have no time to enter into explanation, neither am I competent to discuss this question, sir. For what I have done, I have the instructions of my superior. If you have complaint to make it most be to your own Chief.