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In A.D. 627 there was an efficient standing army of 900,000 men, the term of service being from the ages of twenty to sixty. The Mongols completely revolutionized tactics and improved on all the military knowledge of the time. In 1614 the Manchu 'Eight Banners, composed of Manchus, Mongolians, and Chinese, were instituted.

Ko: I can understand what you have said with regard to the advantages and disadvantages of the republic and the monarchy, but there are many problems connected with the formation of a constitutional monarchy which we have to solve. Why is it that the attempt to introduce constitutional government during the last years of the Manchu Dynasty proved a failure? Mr.

The number of really wealthy persons among the gentry diminished, but the middle class, that is to say the people who had education but little or no money and property, grew steadily in number. One of the deeper reasons for the decline of the Manchu dynasty seems to lie in the enormous increase in the population.

If they renew the alliance they knowingly take the responsibility for the consequences. May 24, 1921. A Political Upheaval in China Even in America we have heard of one Chinese revolution, that which thrust the Manchu dynasty from the throne.

On the Chinese side, this Mongol trade, which continued in rather different form in the Manchu epoch, led to the formation of a local merchant class in the frontier province of Shansi, with great experience in credit business; later the first Chinese bankers came almost entirely from this quarter.

We were just in time, for no sooner had we disappeared than a body of Manchu cavalry came rapidly past, flogging their ponies, and shouting excitedly to one another as they passed. At their head were a number of high officials, and our new recruit whispered in a hoarse voice that an old man was no other than Jung Lu, the Manchu Generalissimo, who had command of everything.

At this juncture Taitsong divided his army into eight banners, which still remain the national divisions of the Manchu race.

He had then to superintend, or as it fell out, to help largely with his own hands, the printing of the first Manchu translation of the New Testament, with type which had first to be cleansed of ten years' rust and with compositors who knew nothing of Manchu.

That same evening Her Majesty asked me whether I had noticed this young man, and told me that he was the son of a very high Manchu official; that his father was dead and that he had succeeded to the title and to a large amount of money. I was surprised that Her Majesty should give such a lengthy explanation about this young man, but I told her that I did not think him very handsome.

Our long fight against the yellow group, our encounters with the numberless creatures of Fu Manchu, the dacoits even Kâramanèh were forgotten, blotted out. I saw nothing of the strange appointments of that subterranean chamber; but face to face with the supreme moment of a lifetime, I was alone with my poor friend and God. The rats began squealing again. They were fighting.... "Quick, Petrie!

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