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Whoever has seriously meditated Religion; whoever has carefully weighed its advantages and disadvantages, will be fully convinced, that both are injurious to the interests of Man, or directly opposite to his nature. "To arms! the cause of your God is at stake! Heaven is outraged! The faith is in danger! Impiety! blasphemy! heresy!"

The factory towns in the early part of the century were filthy, crowded, and demoralizing, compared alike with their earlier and their present condition. In the higher grades of economic society the advantages of the recent changes were more distinct, the disadvantages less so.

It is nothing less than to consolidate and to preserve the blessings of that revolution, which, at much expense of blood and treasure, constituted us a free and independent nation." It was also fortunate that Washington had passed through some instructive experience in Revolutionary days on the disadvantages of an insufficient military force.

By the abolition of serfage the association was dissolved and liquidated, and the strong, compact whole fell into a heap of independent units, with separate and often mutually hostile interests. Some of the disadvantages of this change for the peasantry I have already enumerated above. The most important I have now to mention.

He had not forgotten his promise of selecting authors for her own private studies; he seemed to take much benevolent pleasure in endeavoring to compensate to this generous and excellent creature, for the intellectual disadvantages of a life devoted to others as hers had been.

I had a second experience of the disadvantages of impecuniosity before I reached London. During the latter part of my trip I had found a pleasant travelling companion in the person of Mr. Charles Townsend, of Bristol, a gentleman who subsequently represented that city in Parliament.

Now, I will not send the poor boy " "`Poor boy, papa!" said Helen merrily. "Eh? Did I say `poor boy'!" cried the doctor, scratching his nose again. "Yes." "Ah, well; I did not mean it. I was going to say I will not send him to another school. He would be under too many disadvantages, so I think we will decide upon a private tutor." "Yes, papa; a very excellent arrangement."

Then my poor sister is not naturally good-humoured. This is too well-known a truth for me to endeavor to conceal it, especially from you. She must therefore, I doubt, have appeared to great disadvantages when she aimed to be worse tempered than ordinary. How they managed it in their next conversation I know not. One would be tempted to think by the issue, that Mr.

Yes, load yourself with weight which no one asks you to carry; accumulate disadvantages which you need not face, unless you choose; then carry the weight in any fashion, and overcome the disadvantages in any fashion; and you are a great man, considering: that is, considering the disadvantages and the weight.

The appeal which we felt constrained to make for September, and which was made under some special disadvantages as compared with last year, was met with so hearty a response in gifts and in expressions of interest in our work, as to move us to gratitude to God and thankfulness to our friends.