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Miss Meg, I can't be back all at once. I will bring a buggy; the bullock-dray is too slow and jolting, even when it comes back. You must watch by her, give her water if she asks there is nothing else you can do." "She is dying?" Meg said "dying?" He thought of all that might happen before he brought help, and dare not leave her unprepared. "I think her back is broken," he said, very quietly.

I did not like to tell you this morning, it would have spoiled your temper for canvassing; but I have received a letter from Thornhill himself. He has had an offer for the property, which is only L1000 short of what he asks. A city alderman, called Jobson, is the bidder; a man, it seems, of large means and few words.

The man who plays for the mere fun of it is generally lucky. He asks no favors from fortune; he does not pay any attention to her, and, woman-like, she is piqued. He won heavily this night; my soldier lost correspondingly heavily. The diplomat pressed a loan upon his new-found friend, who, with his usual luck, lost it. The diplomat was presented to the daughter.

It restricts its house-cleaning to its own shop, limits its demands to its trade, asks for a minimum wage and minimum hours, and lays out with considerable detail the conditions under which its members will work. The weapons in its arsenal are not new the strike and the boycott.

"If you had not a tender brother to look after you, your young limbs might be cramped with rheumatism, and twitched with palsy, before any one would think of bringing you a cloak." "Wait a bit!" say I, recovering my good-humor with an effort, reflecting that it is no use to be vexed that they mean nothing and that, lastly, I have brought it on myself! "Wait for what?" asks Barbara, laughing.

As soon as it was light, Rosalie prepared to start. She wrapped herself in her mother's warm shawl, for it was a raw, chilly morning, and took her little bag in her hand. Then she went into Betsey Ann's attic to say good-bye. 'What am I to tell the missis, when she asks where you've gone? said the girl. 'You can say, dear, that I've gone to my mother's relations, and am not coming back any more.

HOTHAM. Could be restored; and if Your Majesty would graciously decide, on the occasion of this auspicious union, welcomed in England with such rejoicing, to repeal, in part, the present prohibitive regulations What? In a word, England asks for a new commercial treaty. New commercial treaty? What's that?

"Everybody asks me that question," said Fleda smiling. "Perhaps for the same reason I did because they thought you didn't look very glad." "I am glad " said Fleda, "but I believe not so glad as I was last year." "Why not

They go from house to house, the May Bride singing a song in which she asks for a present and tells the inmates of each house that if they give her something they will themselves have something the whole year through; but if they give her nothing they will themselves have nothing.

And certainly not for a business of that kind! . . . Do you think it would be a swindle? asks Cloete, twitching his mouth. . . George owns up: No-would be no better than a squeamish ass if he thought that, after all these years in business. "Cloete looks at him hard Never thought of SELLING the ship. Expected the blamed old thing wouldn't fetch half her insured value by this time.