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I have perceived the lie of our lives, thanks to the sufferings which the false path entailed upon me, and, having recognized the falseness of this path on which I stood, I have had the boldness to go at first in thought only whither reason and conscience led me, without reflecting where they would bring me out. And I have been rewarded for this boldness.

The importance of this inquiry becomes evident upon reflecting that the characters of the great are revealed by their behavior in the incidental events of their lives."

""Hearing these well-chosen words, fraught with reason and highly acceptable, that the mouse said, the mouse's foe possessed of judgment and forethought, viz., the cat spoke in reply. Endued with great intelligence, and possessed of eloquence, the cat, reflecting upon his own state, praised the words of the speaker and honoured him by gentle words in return.

There is a sweet soul in this house who caught the beams of the Sun before I quite knew that He was, and she testified of Him, reflecting His glory when I was in great darkness. It helped me to suppose that He existed and to try to find out for myself." Winifred looked deeply in Hubert's dark eyes and saw the hunger gone from them. He smiled on her. "Hubert," she said, "have you found Him?"

"You are going to catch that train!" the reporter exclaimed in a firm and encouraging tone. "But what do you expect to find in New Guinea?" he suddenly inquired as I jumped on to the slowly moving train. Reflecting that in the worst case I would be back in Montreal in one and a half days, I fell asleep.

He had no especial affection for Cowperwood, but he recognized in him a coming man. Young MacDonald, talking to Clifford Du Bois in the office of the Inquirer, and reflecting how little his private telephone message had availed him, was in a waspish, ironic frame of mind. "Well," he said, "it seems our friend Cowperwood hasn't taken our advice.

He paused, shaking his head emphatically, and the other two, impressed by his earnestness, waited until he spoke again. "Then," he continued at last, after a space of silence, during which he seemed to be reflecting with added strenuousness "then, by Heaven! we're up against something that's going to take it out of us before we get at the truth. That's a dead certainty.

I was glad that circumstances would not permit an interview to take place between us. I could not desire their misery; but I reaped no pleasure from reflecting on their happiness. Time, and the exertions of my fortitude, cured me, in some degree, of this folly.

'An innocent vanity is of course the origin of these displays. "Look at me," say these youthful beginners in womanly artifice, without reflecting whether or not it be to their advantage to show so very much of themselves. 'Yes, I remember now, said Knight. 'The notes were certainly suggested by your manoeuvre on the church tower.

"And made on the evening of our arrival?" "Not an hour after you left me. But you are surprised?" Wogan was reflecting that on the evening of his arrival, and indeed just before Whittington made his offer to Origo, he had seen Whittington's face by the torchlight in the square. That face lived very plainly in Wogan's thoughts.