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Charles Duval, the polite; Paul Clifford, the handsome; Richard Turpin, brave and true; Jack Sheppard, no ignoble mind and loving still his mother; these, and such as these, with Schiller's 'Robbers' and the like, are dangerous to gaze on, as Germany, if not England too, remembers well.

"Hollis," whispered Katie immediately afterwards, "will I take my mouses?" "'Sh, Topknot!" "What's going on there between you and Horace?" laughed Grace. "A secrid," said Fly, nipping her little lips together. "You won't get me to tell." "Horace," exclaimed Mrs. Clifford, "you haven't " "Why, mother, I thought it was all settled, and wouldn't do any harm; and it pleases her so!"

"I stayed until the last spark was out," he said, as he dropped into a chair beside Bruce Clifford, leader of the Owl Patrol of Quarry Troop No. 1. "Some fire, is perfectly correct," said Bruce bitterly, "though it needn't have been anything more than an ordinary blaze. I tell you the Woodbridge Fire Department needs a little pep, fellows."

And after Mauleverer had ceased, there was a universal nervous and indistinct expectation of an answer and a scene; all was still, and it soon became certain that Clifford was not in the apartment. When Mr. Clifford, and utterly excluded him from that rank to which it was before more than suspected he had no claim.

He felt that his punishment was indeed too heavy for him. At Tilgate and Chetwood next morning, two distinguished households were thrown into confusion by the news in the papers. To Colonel Kelmscott and to Elma Clifford alike that news came with crushing force and horror. A murder, said the Times, had been committed in Devonshire, in a romantic dell, on the skirts of Dartmoor.

A week, my cousin, and you, and Clifford, and I will start again for Lancaster." She secreted her passport as she waved again to them. "I pray so, Harriet," returned Peggy. "She builds too strongly upon the belief that the British commander will help her, I fear me," remarked Mr. Owen as the ferry pushed away for the far shore. Peggy turned to him quickly. "Has thee no hope, father?"

Spence Watson, "I am sorry for you!" The "Nut-browne Mayde" is supposed to have been a Lady Margaret Percy, who lived in the reign of Henry VIII.; and the lover to whom she was so faithful, notwithstanding his trial of her love by declaring that he was an outlaw, and "must to the greenwood go, alone, a banished man," was Henry Clifford, son of the Earl of Westmoreland.

Edmund desired leave to write to father Oswald, and John Wyatt was ordered to be the bearer of his letter. When the Lord Clifford had finished his letter, he read it to Sir Philip and his chosen friends, as follows:

The very manner in which he has pursued his studies while engaged in the harassing labors of a large wholesale business house of this city alone establishes this fact." The cheeks of my uncle reddened. The last sentence of Mr. Edgerton was unfortunate for his object. It conveyed a tacit reproof, which the niggardly conscience of Mr. Clifford readily appropriated and, perhaps, anticipated.

Richard of Conisborough married secondly, and probably chiefly with the view of securing a mother for his children, Maude Clifford, a daughter of the great Lollard House of Clifford of Cumberland. She survived him many years. The Psalter is still extant, in the British Museum: Cott. Ms. Domit. A. xvii.

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