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He maintained that the confederates were entitled to be treated with respect. Many of them, he said, were his friends some of them his relations and there was no reason for refusing to gentlemen of their rank, a right which belonged to the poorest plebeian in the land.

No doubt he was born to high state and great rank, but nothing that his rank and state could give him was so sweet as his liberty. To be free to choose for himself in all things, was the highest privilege of man. What pleasure could he have in a love which should be selected for him by such a woman as his aunt?

Unique and stupendous as was this Proclamation, it proved to be but a prelude to a still mightier revelation of the creative power of its Author, and to what may well rank as the most signal act of His ministrythe promulgation of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas.

As the greatest stranger, and as the highest in social rank of all present, he had claim to this privilege, and she was too tactful to refuse it. "What a delightful chatelaine you are!" he murmured, looking down at her as she rested her little gloved hand with scarce a touch on his arm "And how proud and glad I am to be once more beside you! Ah, Maryllia, you are very cruel to me!

When you meet with such sort of Englishmen abroad, who, either from their parts or their rank, are likely to make a figure at home, I would advise you to cultivate them, and get their favorable testimony of you here, especially those who are to return to England before you.

The rude and homely manner in which the greater part of the Saxon thegns lived dependent solely for their subsistence on their herds and agricultural produce, and therefore on the labour of their peasants not only made the distinctions of rank less harsh and visible, but rendered it the interest of the lords to feed and clothe well their dependents.

The highest example of it possibly ever known among seamen was Nelson. When he joined the fleet just before Trafalgar, the captains who gathered on board the flag-ship seemed to forget the rank of their admiral in their desire to testify their joy at meeting him.

But before we conduct into the queen's room these two persons, whom our readers may remember in Joan's train about the bed of King Robert, we must relate the circumstances which had caused the family of the Catanese to rise with incredible rapidity from the lowest class of the people to the highest rank at court.

This colony has made its mark in the history of Canada, and to the present day the Scotch families of Murray Bay rank among the most distinguished in the public annals of the Province.

Nor, in the little time left to us, did I ever achieve a condition higher than this. Consciously I was a prince of lofty origin in her presence, but ever unable to make known my excellencies of rank. It was as in a dream when we must see evil approach without power to raise an averting hand.