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Then she went on to tell of her still greater discovery, that instead of being a young woman of independent means, she was and always had been dependent upon the bounty of her uncles. And now to learn that all the time I had nothing and they had given of their own when they had so little, and given it so cheerfully, so gladly.

His influence on the art of his time, which was probably greater than that of either of the others, came from his many-sidedness, his originality, and his unflagging interest in the discovery and application of new methods. He was almost more experimenter than artist.

Most luxuries in a short time fell heavily in price, while necessaries rose in a still greater proportion.

But at that instant the gypsy girl, Giralda, came in through the gateway with an armful of herbs that she had been gathering just outside the walls. She often plucked herbs after dark, as there are some whose potency is believed to be the greater for their being uprooted at night. "Ah, no, no, no!" I cried, repenting my unjust suspicion. "A woman hidden at Maury!

His Fatherhood is not, therefore, accidental, not dependent upon any conditions or circumstances; it is essential. If it is the nature of a father to give good gifts to his children, so in a still greater degree is it the nature of the Heavenly Father to give good gifts to those who ask Him.

"The only fault I find with him is that he is not long enough from the knee to the foot, and the thigh seems too long. I like the greater length to be from the knee to the foot rather than from the knee to the hip. Now, have I said anything foolish?" "Not the least. I think you are right. I prefer your proportions. A short tibia is not pretty." A look of reverie came into her eyes.

There appeared to be another shaking of hands in consequence, and when it was over, the old gentleman said that, though he said it who should not, he believed no son had ever been a greater comfort to his parents than Abel Garland had been to his.

The philosopher is a person who refuses no pleasures which do not produce greater sorrows, and who knows how to create new ones." "And you say that it is done by getting rid of prejudices? Then tell me what prejudices are, and what must be done to get rid of them."

The greater value of the infusion is generally because it is freshly made and active; the tincture which had been used previously in a given case was old and useless; furthermore, most physicians give a larger dose of the infusion than they ever do of the tincture.

He was a lamb with women, to whose charms he was, as I have hinted, susceptible; but with men he was different, and, I believe, as much of a wolf as was necessary. He did n't see how she could really care for him, she seemed marked out by nature for so much greater a fortune; and he used to say to her, "Ah, you don't there's no use talking, you don't really care for me at all!"

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