For the sake indeed of Don Josef's daughter, Donna Julia, the captain would very gladly have borne with his haughty and morose manners.

The call of Mrs. Harris relieved Lucille of an unpleasant situation. Secretly, Lucille was pleased to escape from Dr. Argyle. Something in his manner told her that he was not sincere; that he was a schemer, perhaps a fortune-seeker, and she gladly rejoined her mother. Mrs. Harris and her children often wondered how matters were progressing at home.

He grew more reserved than ever with his colleagues on the staff of the Courier, who regretted his aloofness and would gladly have drawn him into the ranks of their pleasant comradeship. He avoided the club, where his absence was commented upon, and where he was in a fair way to become a popular member.

If we but knew how gladly our neighbors would emulate our gymnastics if they knew the value of them the laugh would be on us for dreading their opinion. One thing we do know they will envy us our good health and spirits. Experience comes by contact. There is no way we can have experiences without passing directly through them.

Then CAP'N says, "You blame fool you, he's got his HEAD shot off." So then the feller slacked his grip on the body and let it slide down to the ground, and looked at it a minute, all puzzled, you know, and says, "W'y, he told me it was his leg!" Ha! ha! ha! 'And the common people heard him gladly'

Haven't I told you so? Haven't I told you that I would gladly go among them with my club, and crack them like so many fleas?" "Why not, then?" "Why not? Because I should get myself hanged. Haven't I said so?" "But what of that being a patriot? Why not, like another Curtius, jump into the gulf, since you believe that your country would benefit by your death?"

And he began to reflect inwardly, saying, 'This indeed, is the second marvel that I see! The fowler then said unto the Brahmana, saying, 'Thou art now standing in place that is scarcely proper for thee, O sinless one. If it pleasest thee, let us go to my abode, O holy one! "Markandeya continued, 'So be it, said the Brahmana unto him, gladly.

And he proceeded to read it aloud in a musical voice of exquisite charm. I cannot express the pleasure which this gave me, nor how it set me at my ease with him from that moment. He gave me a very warm invitation to come again, and he would gladly help me in any holiday work I wanted to do. I was always specially struck with his way of talking about religion.

She replied that she was positive no one knew of her interest in the hillside, as she had carefully kept concealed her destination when walking so frequently here. All prospecting had been done by herself, and now she would gladly share the work, worry, and profits with him, she laughingly avowed.

"I believe that every woman primarily has concealed in the three rounded corners of her heart, waiting development, love of home, love of children, and love of nature, and my nature love has yet only developed to the size of a back yard. "Yes, I will come to visit you at Oaklands gladly, though it's a poor compliment under the circumstances.