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"Meinik and I will take up our abode close to the edge of the forest, for that will save us some four or five miles' walk, each day. The first thing in the morning, you shall go with me and choose a spot; so that you may both know where to find us.

In fact, I remember but one place of abode along its entire length, and this, a weather-beaten cottage nearly hidden by the pepper and acacia trees that surround it. It is a quaint little place, and might have inspired the poet to write that beautiful poem containing the lines, Let me live in a house by the side of the road, And be a friend to man,

I know I wandered through the archipelago looking for you, because I did not believe at first that you were dead. It was at this time I took up my abode in the cave of Rakata, and fell in with my good faithful friend Moses " "Your sarvint, massa," interrupted the negro humbly. "I's proud to be call your frind, but I's only your sarvint, massa."

Because Flavius, the brother of the German hero, Armin, takes up his abode in Rome, he is accused of being a "spy." This is, certainly, the writing of a malicious, altogether spiteful man, a man, too, irrational in his calumny, revelling, in short, in the spirit of detraction.

In any event, it was quite enough for the boys. A committee was formed with a member from each troop to make the shack a suitable abode for a hero and his court.

All these, and other similar views of heaven, are true, inasmuch as they represent it as a place entirely free from evil and suffering, and, at the same time, as an abode of positive happiness. Nevertheless, they are all imperfect views, because not one of them takes in the whole of heavenly bliss, such as God has revealed it to us.

Thou hast written of the severe calamity that hath befallen theethe death of thy respected husband. That honourable man hath been so subjected to the stress and strain of this world that his greatest wish was for deliverance from it. Such is this mortal abode: a storehouse of afflictions and suffering.

Thou ownest a car that is drawn by a lion. Thou art he called the truth of truth. Thou art he whose dish or plate is constituted by the Destroyer of the universe. Thou art always engaged in seeking the good of the worlds. Thou art the bird called Saranga. Thou art he who protects the place where assemblies of the wise sit for dispensing justice. Thou art the abode of all creatures.

With that she kissed Birdalone fondly and embraced Arthur, and went her way; and those twain abode in the dale, and slept and watched by turns, and all was tidingless till the morrow's dawn; neither was there aught to tell of on that day and the night that ended it.

The former suggested that the latter should take possession of one of the little bed-rooms that are usually to be found in American dwellings of the dimensions and humble character of the lighthouse abode, while he kept watch until the brig should sail.