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One night she could not sleep, and ordered the musicians to be brought into her bedroom; where, drawing the bed-curtains, she could not be seen by the musicians, but could hear them at her ease. At length, enchanted at a piece which they had just played, she abruptly thrust her head beyond the curtains, and cried out, "Mort diable! but they sing delightfully!"

The result of his conversation with these two men seemed satisfactory to him, and, on taking his place at the head of the column, he told Herrera that he had good hopes of success. Silence, however, was the order of the night, and he entered into no details. Paco and the Tuerto kept near him, apparently as guides.

I told you last night why I couldn't give up hope that something good for me always came on her birthday, or near to it. An' it's come. It's forty below, an' we won't live the day out. We ain't got a mouthful of grub. We ain't got clothes enough on to keep us from freezing inside the shanty, unless we had a fire. Last night I saw you fill your match bottle and put it in your coat pocket.

Dick saw she had no lack of partners, and constituted himself her guardian for the night, greatly to Mrs. Blake's annoyance and Winnie's satisfaction. The former could find no means of laying any more commands on him, for the boy mischievously eluded her every attempt to cross his path, and failed most provokingly to catch her eye when a convenient season presented itself for so doing.

He was one of the Nubian men Corkran had engaged to help his Arab workmen from the north; and when the whole gang had been discharged he, suspecting that some secret thing was on foot, hid in the desert-scrub that he might return by night to spy.

One of you stay here so I can telephone in if I have to. You'd better plan to stay all night if I don't get back." "Want to say where you're going?" "I suppose I'd better. I'm going to Pompey." "Out where you said Mrs. Larch is staying?" "Yes, only she doesn't call herself that now." "I understand." "She's taken her maiden name again since the separation.

At six o'clock in the morning, the variation was 23' west, being then in the latitude of 58° 15' S., longitude 11° 41' W; and at six in the evening, being in the same latitude, and in the longitude of24' W., it was51' W. In the evening the wind abated; and during the night, it was variable between south and west. Ice-islands continually in sight.

It was a girl, in a worn and humble dress, who seemed to seek her weary way with pain and languor. He was about also to pass her, when he heard a low cry. He turned, and beheld in the wayfarer his preserver of the previous night. "Heavens! is it indeed you? Can I believe my eyes?" "I was coming to seek you, sir," said the girl, faintly.

The stars were entranced and the water of life poured down from the great moon. So the night went on on and on and only when six months were over did the dancers end their joy. As, at last, the dance concludes, Krishna takes the cowgirls to the Jumna, bathes with them in the water, rids himself of fatigue and then after once again gratifying their passions, bids them go home.

He was conducted back to the prison accordingly; but, in the food offered to him, as well as in the apartment in which he was lodged, the recommendation of the magistrate was strictly attended to. Dark and eerie was the night, And lonely was the way, As Janet, wi' her green mantell, To Miles' Cross she did gae. Old Ballad.