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Letters to Felipe III. Pedro de Acuña; July 15 and 19. Decrees regarding religious orders. Felipe III, and others; February-July. Grant to the Jesuit seminary at Cebú. Felipe III; December 31. Source: All of these documents are obtained from MSS. in the Archivo general de Indias, Sevilla.

It may be doubted whether either for tennis' sake or 'kudos' such a contest under such conditions is wise. I was not surprised to hear it mentioned that not only had both competitors severely felt the strain, but that even the umpire had suffered." This year it is interesting to note that the champion of to-day, Miss D. Boothby, won the Handicap Singles at Beckenham, receiving 15.4.

During that period we were engaged in wars with Great Britain and Mexico, and were involved in hostilities with powerful Indian tribes; Louisiana was purchased from France at a cost of $15,000,000; Florida was ceded to us by Spain for five millions; California was acquired from Mexico for fifteen millions, and the territory of New Mexico was obtained from Texas for the sum of ten millions.

In 15 Districts Warrington 9,782 Donnelly 9,036 Close, terribly close. But those districts upon which the fight really depended had not yet turned up. The big labor vote had not been accounted for. The Call had notified its readers that when the returns were all in and the battle decided, it would blow a whistle. If Warrington was elected, five blasts; if Donnelly, ten.

But the great affair of Johnson of Manchester had overcome even his doubts, and he began to feel that it was a privilege to be noticed by the senior partner in a house which could play such a game as that. It was not that Poppins believed in Johnson, or that he thought that 15,000l. of paper had at any time been missing.

15 'Them. As Christ is the Saviour of both body and soul, notwithstanding the sins of the body, they break not the covenant; because it is God's covenant, and stands fast in Christ for evermore. Ed. 16 'Plenary'; full, perfect, or complete. Ed.

The lad is here, it will be a pity if we allow him to grow to manhood without a hope in Christ all because we do not seek to win him. Winning and Holding "From a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus," 2 Timothy iii. 15. Timothy's inheritance was invaluable.

It happened in this way: Some three years ago your father said to me, 'I want to raise £15,000 on the estate, Brander. I was naturally greatly surprised, for acting for him as I did, I was, of course, aware that he lived well within his income. He went on, 'Of course you are surprised, Brander, but as you must know well most men have a skeleton in a cupboard somewhere.

In about 15 minutes he came back and reported that he had seen an enemy army. I went to the edge of the forest from where I could see, at about a cannon shot from Wilkomir, behind a stream, a hill on which drawn up in battle order were 25 to 30 thousand Russian infantry, with cavalry and artillery.

A few months after learning of this incident, I had the pleasure of meeting in Florence an English amateur who expatiated upon the beauty of a Giorgione that he had just acquired at the very reasonable price of $15,000. For particulars he referred me to one of the great dealers of Florence. The portrait, as I already suspected, was the one I had heard of in America.