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"I can't remember having sent you any stale candy or champagne since yesterday." She drew a letter with a foreign postmark from between the leaves of a book and held it out, smiling. "You got him to write it. Don't say you didn't, for it came direct, you see, and the last address I gave him was a place in Florida. This deed shall be remembered of you when I am with the just in Paradise.

I wonder whether she noticed, just in front of her, a man who began forthwith to bury his boot heel at every step? If the author of the Apocalypse had been raised in Florida, we should never have had the streets of the New Jerusalem paved with gold. His idea of heaven, would have been different from that; more personal and home-felt, we may be certain.

Passing Newfoundland, he stood on south as far as the Virginia capes, perhaps down as far as Florida. A few natives were caught. But no real trade was done. And when the explorers had reported progress to the King the general opinion was that North America was nothing to boast of, after all.

This grant embraced the land adjacent to the north shore of Albemarle Sound, and extending to Florida; but it failed to include a strip of territory about thirty miles broad, lying between the thirty-sixth degree and the Virginia line.

But elsewhere the French gave to the United States no permanent settlements. Numbers of them came to Florida, only to perish by the sword; others in large numbers settled in South Carolina, only to become merged with other races, among whom the English, with their speech and their laws, became supreme.

Happily for them, to acquire possession of both sides of the Gulf of Florida, and secure the navigation through this stream, the Spaniards had resolved first to attack Providence, and then to proceed against Carolina: but by the conduct and courage of Captain Rogers, at that time Governor of the island, they met with a sharp repulse at Providence, and soon after they lost the greatest part of their fleet in a storm.

But in whatever he did, he had a firm conviction that he was right. Even John Quincy Adams justified his acts in Florida, when his enemies were loud in their complaints of his needless executions, especially of two British traders, Arbuthnot and Ambruter, whom he had court-martialled and shot as abettors of the Indians.

But that acquisition necessarily brought territory along with it, and three States now exist, formed out of that ancient province. A similar policy, and a similar necessity, though perhaps not entirely so urgent, led to the acquisition of Florida. Now, no such necessity, no such policy, requires the annexation of Texas.

"Surely it ain't as dead sure as that?" "Yes, it is, Alfred; it's settled plumb settled." "But but," he pursued, anxiously, "if you didn't like him when you see him, you wouldn't marry him?" "Oh, that's a gray horse of another color," she smiled. "I think I'll like him; but if I didn't well, if I didn't, I'd pay his way back to Florida, and beg off." Henley made no further protest.

And" he waved toward the barge astern "there she is tied to us. If this ship piles up on the reefs, she piles up behind us." "Couldn't they cut her adrift?" "H-m-m a drifting barge and the Florida Keys tide-water, where would she fetch up?" And, after a pause, "no fault of hers either, and that seems hard, too. But there's that wrecker listen." A hailing voice came floating aft to them.