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Rafael listened in silence, scanning his face anxiously, as if looking for a chance to speak of something which he dared not broach. "And how about the Blue House," he ventured finally, "that farm of doña Pepa's where you go sometimes? Will anything be wrong down there?"

"The Mequinez family lives here, does it not?" demanded the lad anxiously. "They did live here," replied the young lady, pronouncing her Italian in Spanish fashion. "Now we, the Zeballos, live here." "And where have the Mequinez gone?" asked Marco, his heart palpitating. "They have gone to Cordova." "Cordova!" exclaimed Marco. "Where is Cordova? And the person whom they had in their service?

Once on the ground he walked still trembling and suspiciously scanning the cliff wherein the Corn people had their abodes as straight as possible toward the big house. Nobody interfered with him; not even his two defenders noticed that he had gone; they both remained standing silent, with hearts beating anxiously. "Okoya," the woman called from below, "come and eat.

"My views and measures will be anxiously directed to avoid a recourse to arms, as long as it may be possible. On this point my determination is fixed.

Lagree was as much surprised as displeased at the happy result of this expedition, and Fairer-than-a Fairy waited anxiously for an opportunity of meeting Prince Rainbow and telling him her adventures. She found, however, that he had already been told all about them by a Fairy who protected him, and to whom he was related.

She did not eat any breakfast. She thought she would fast until she had done what she intended to do. It had been her Aunt Clotilde's habit to fast very often. She waited anxiously to hear that her Uncle Bertrand had left his room. He always rose late, and this morning he was later than usual as he had had a long gay dinner party the night before.

He hurries along, restless, disordered, excited the black eyes glancing anxiously about, as if he were jealous of any that should see his yesterday was not over, and that somehow his wild, headlong night had been swept into the serene, open bay of morning.

Woodhouse little suspected what was plotting against him in the breast of that man whom he was so cordially welcoming, and so anxiously hoping might not have taken cold from his ride.

Run on, Jimmy, and thank Mr. Pritchard for lending you to me. And laugh as much as you want to, Jimmy. Laugh all you can before you can't!" Over the banister the child was leaning anxiously, watching me as I stumbled down the steps.

It rests me more than any place I have been in for a long time, and yet at the same time I think that it is going to make me sad." "Sad? But why?" he asked anxiously. "Because it seems like one of the stopping places where one steps off to think, you know. I don't want to think. I have had nine such miserable years.