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Miss Winthrop was in Boston now, and it was during these early March days that Bertram was supposed to be putting in his best work on the portrait; but, unfortunately, it was during these same early March days that he was engaged, also, in fashioning The Thing and the two did not harmonize. The Thing, indeed, was a jealous creature, and would brook no rival.

Now look here; my friend, do you think that an organization like mine is made to bend to the trivialities of a copying clerk's work? To follow the humdrum of every-day routine? To blacken paper? To become a servant? me! with what I have in my brain?" "Oh, I know very well what is at the bottom of the business my aunt is jealous of me because I am a man of ideas.

Every month I summoned a council of revision in the regiment to which I belonged. One day I brought forward a young soldier for rejection; all went well; but a native surgeon, long jealous of my reputation, was nominated by the governor to make inquiry and check my declaration.

She would have concealed it from him, but he was merciless. A strange, happy look came into his own face. "Len, don't hide that from me. It's the one thing I've always wished you'd show, and you never have. I'm such a jealous beggar myself I've wanted you to care that way, and I've never been able to discover a trace of it." "But I'm not really jealous in the way you think.

You just think he does because he happens to spend most of his time in the air the way we Swallows do," sputtered Skimmer. "The Swallow family never would admit such a homely looking fellow as he is as a member. "Tut, tut, tut, tut! I do believe Skimmer is jealous," cried Jenny Wren, who had happened along just in time to hear Skimmer's last remarks.

Scofield became almost jealous of each of them for cheating him out of so much of the society of both. He might have become quite jealous had it not been for the fact that while the mothers were entertaining each other, he was left to entertain the children, who, of course, were soon almost constantly together, and were not long in becoming as familiar and affectionate as brother and sister.

"Yes, sir," replied I, quite delighted to find myself among those who were acquainted with my family. "Well, then, Mr Simple," said Mrs Trotter, "since we have the pleasure of being acquainted with your family, I shall now take you under my own charge, and I shall be so fond of you that Trotter shall become quite jealous," added she, laughing.

He then addressed himself to Miss Eunice with the remains of his laugh still illuminating his face. "This is my wife's sister, and she's one of the jealous kind. I've always been fair to her, and she's always been fair to me. Plain sailin' so far; I never kep' anything from her but this."

In great confusion he muttered, "I beg your pardon," and fled away, dashing his handkerchief over his face. I asked Dora about it, but she would tell nothing; I believe she was half ashamed, half jealous, but it came round through Miss Woolmer, how throughout the address Harold had sat with his eyes fixed on the preacher, and one tear after another gathering in his eyes.

Well, he got to payin' my wife a good deal of attention when I was away, which happened to be often. She never told me. I was jealous those days. "My little girl you call Columbine was born there durin' a long absence of mine. When I got home Lucy an' the baby were gone.