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If, as Mr. Redmond says, it is the duty of Irishmen to make the Government of England an impossibility, it will then be their pleasure to make her alliance both close and easy. Ulster and Kerry will march shoulder to shoulder, and Leaguers and Orangemen will form an unbroken phalanx of orderly and law-abiding citizens. In a word the old Dragon will be chained and the Millenium will come.

On the day of the chase he resolved to preserve his romantic disguise, and attend the Lady Emma as a forester, partly to have the pleasure of being near her and partly to judge whether, according to an idle report in the country, she favoured his friend and comrade Fitzallen of Marden. This last motive, it may easily be believed, he did not declare to the company.

From the Capitol Rome lies quietly wrapped in the memories of past greatness; from the hill of Montmartre the electric lights here and there give suggestive glimpses of the City of Pleasure.

The chairman said he had no doubt the audience would be glad to hear his views, and invited him to the platform. He said, in a weak, thin voice: "I have listened, brethren, with a great deal of interest and pleasure to the remarks that have been made by the different speakers.

"Oh, I like this fine and splendid book best of all!" and he read from the title-page, in the clear, confident tones of the pupil who knows that the teacher's favour rests upon him "'From Eden to Calvary; or through the Bible in a year with our boys and girls; a book of pleasure and profit for young persons on Sabbath Afternoon.

"With pleasure, my dear fellow," said the major puffing vigorously for a few moments to get his pipe well alight.

He thought of Nicky and of Nicky's pleasure and excitement over the unpacking of his first lathe the one he had begged for for his birthday and of his own pleasure and excitement as he watched his boy handling it and showing him so cleverly how it worked. It stood there still in the corner. Nicky had given it to Veronica. He had taught her how to use it.

In this state of being our enjoyments are but lent us, to be resumed when heaven sees fit. Joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, closely follow each other; but the noble heart is above the inconstancy of fortune!" The royal party disembarked at Ceuta, and were conveyed to Agmat, to be confined in a fortress.

We do not place human beings and brutes in the same rank, except in so far as both are sensitive creatures, and consequently susceptible of pleasure and pain. In this particular, the Creator himself has, to a certain extent, placed them in the same rank, and it is useless to cry out against his appointment.

"I suppose I have been waiting," answered Thorwald, "for you to ask for it. I could listen to your talk a great deal longer with pleasure and profit. It is astonishing how closely your history matches ours up to your times. The period you have been describing to me as that in which you live corresponds with a similar age here.