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Dædalus set to work and built a maze so intricate that neither he nor his son Ic´a-rus, who was with him, could get out. Not willing to remain there a prisoner, Dædalus soon contrived a means of escape. He and Icarus first gathered together a large quantity of feathers, out of which Dædalus cleverly made two pairs of wings.

Harry and Mary had certainly made good use of their time, and great was the mirth over the trap so cleverly set the more when it was disclosed that Dr.

You're just a little hummingbird. You ain't a real horse." With a leap the pony reared. Still there came no sting of spur or quirt. She dropped to her feet. Collie had cleverly consumed a minute of the allotted time. "One minute!" called Williams, holding the watch. "Why, that ain't ridin'," grumbled an Oro man.

I marvel how Allan Roscoe, your uncle, could have ventured upon a fraud which could be so easily proved to be such." "He depended upon Sacramento being so far away," said Hector. "He thought I would accept my father's letter without question." "That letter was undoubtedly forged," said the minister. "It must have been, but it was very cleverly forged.

"I know," said the lady. "Come up on the veranda." That veranda made Consolation Cottage seem farther away than ever to Lewis. Its floor was tiled. Its roof was cleverly arranged to give a pergola effect. It was quite vine-covered. The vines hid the glass that made it rain-proof. In one corner rugs were placed, wicker chairs, a swinging book-rack, and a tea-table.

So she stood up, holding the egg firmly with her fore paws, then, with a crisp snap of her sharp little teeth, she broke the shell, and cleverly sucked out the inside of it; not all, because she wanted her little ones to taste and see how good an egg really was.

She had once cleverly forestalled what might have been a serious accident, by standing stock-still when a strap gave way. Gilbert stumbled out and went around to her head. Sure enough, a buckle had broken. He patted the little mare affectionately. "Ah, Speed, you're a finicky old girl," he grumbled.

Thus, if his check called for one dollar he would pay sixty cents, but invariably forgot upon the next, or any succeeding day, to 'settle' the balance due of forty cents. This 'little game, so profitable to himself, was carried on for some time triumphantly, but retribution came at last, and unexpectedly and very cleverly. 'There must be some mistake, said the bank clerk.

But as yet we had seen no reason to suspect him, so cleverly had he covered his tracks. Kennedy, having used him once to capture Bennett, was still not unwilling to use him in attempting to discover where Bennett's hidden millions lay. "I am in great trouble, Professor Kennedy," began Long Sin in a low tone.

White observed one to purloin a teacup from his canteen and conceal it very cleverly in his kangaroo cloak. Another, notwithstanding the vigilance of our men, had nearly got off with the carpenter's axe. They looked rather foolish when Mr. White managed to shake his teacup from the cloak.