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The plan of the hall is suggestive of an old English manor house. The walls are beautifully paneled from an old English plan. The turned balusters are representative of the late Seventeenth or early Eighteenth Century. The fine old Jacobean chairs and tables have weathered two centuries, and are friendly to their new neighbors, Oriental rugs older than themselves.

Rough-hewn chairs and tables, strong, serviceable and eloquent of nature through which this rebirth of the race all had to come adorned the rooms. Fur rugs covered the floors. In lieu of pictures, masses of flowers and great sprays of foliage stood in clay pots of Stern's own manufacture and firing.

In the back of the wagon sat a young squaw and two papooses, and beside them were stacked three or four of the gay, handwoven rugs for which the white people will pay many dollars. "Buenas dias," said the driver of the wagon, who was an oldish Indian with a true picture-postal face. And: "Hello," said the other, who was young and wore a bright blue coat, such as young Mexicans affect.

Hubbell's office, you find that he, like Father Berrard, has colored drawings of every type of Moki and Navajo blankets. On the walls of the office are more pictures; on the floors, more rugs; in the safes and cases, specimens of rare silver-work that somehow again remind you of the affinity between Hindoo and Navajo. Mr.

A bird alighted for a moment on a cherry bough, and twittered restlessly. Naomi knew that white mists were hovering in the silent hollows, that the maple at the gate wore a misty blossom red, and that violet stars were shining bluely on the brooklands. The room was a small, plain one. The floor was bare, save for a couple of braided rugs, the plaster discolored, the walls dingy and glaring.

Shongut flung open the screen door and swept a pile of webby dust to the porch and then off on the patch of grass. Thin spring sunshine lay warm along the neat terraces of Wasserman Avenue. Windows were flung wide to the fresh kiss of spring; pillows, comforters, and rugs draped across their sills.

But again she only smilingly shook her head and continued speaking. "And if we move, I'm going to give you the parlor carpet, and some rugs to protect it." "Thank you; but, really, I don't want the parlor carpet," refused Miss Maggie, a tiny smouldering fire in her eyes. 'And I shall give you some money, too," smiled Mrs. Jane, very graciously, "when the interest begins to come in, you know.

If the floor is hard wood, it must not have a slippery wax finish. It will also save tumbles if the day nursery has no rugs, but the night nursery ought to have one large one or several small ones by the beds and in front of the open fire. Washable cotton rugs are best to use for this purpose. When children are very small, it is necessary to have sides to the beds to keep them from falling out.

There may also be dolls made of beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, etc., by using sticks, cloves, etc., with the vegetables named. The results are very funny. These are put on exhibition on the table and an umpire decides for which prizes are to be given. The little hostess or host selects two leaders. These choose sides. Two large rugs are placed near together on the floor.

Here at home they had a whole mountain of virgin forest, carefully preserved; and in the Renaissance palace at the summit-which they carelessly referred to as a "lodge" you would find such articles de vertu as a ten-thousand-dollar table with a set of two-thousand-dollar chairs, and quite ordinary-looking rugs at ten and twenty thousand dollars each.