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If not precisely these, yet akin to these were some of the fantasies that haunted me as I passed under the river: for the place is suggestive of such idle and irresponsible stuff by its own abortive character, its lack of whereabout on upper earth, or any solid foundation of realities.

'Waits' I strike out as unpleasantly suggestive; let it go. So, then, trouble is like a lovely woman, loveliest when conquered. Now, Miss Dunning, if you have a spark of human kindness you won't turn me down on that proposition. By the way, I have something put down about trouble." He was laughing.

The round of the ether turned from green to yellow gradually like a great unripe fruit. All around the sunken sun it was like a lemon; round all the east it was a sort of golden green, more suggestive of a greengage; but the whole had still the emptiness of daylight and none of the secrecy of dusk.

It is quite evident that woman has had no voice in the framing of such a chronology. One would hardly imagine that man had either, so astronomic is the system. A communistic age is however but an unavoidable detail of the general scheme whose most suggestive feature consists in the subordination of the actual birthday of the individual to the fictitious birthday of the community.

She let her arms and her head and her shoulders go limp again, and fixed her attention on rare and beautiful things of beauty . . . abandoning herself to the pictures called up by a volume of translated Japanese poems she had recently read . . . temples in groves . . . bells in the mist . . . rain on willow-trees . . . snow falling without wind. . . . How delicate and suggestive those poems were!

Even the outline I have given is suggestive of inferences to furnish quite a plausible chapter of history. First, it is clear, from the narrative, that Talbot was a gentleman of rank in the old Province, for he was kinsman to the Lord Proprietary; and there is one of the oldest counties of Maryland that bears the name of his family, perhaps called so in honor of himself.

Nevertheless, however dimly suggestive was this group of phenomena, it contained the germ of all that is preëminent in humanity.

The wrists were scratched and bruised. I expect that, with your trained faculties, you were able to remark other details of a suggestive nature." "Other details, certainly; but I don't know that they suggest anything. They are merely odd. Take the wrists, for instance. How is it you could see bruises and scratches on them? I dare say you saw something of Manderson down here before the murder?"

I've tried every word and phrase that's ever been used or discovered. We have a complete record of them. None fit this case. Can you give me anything additional that will be suggestive?" "Here's what I've brought," Harleston replied and related, so far as they seemed pertinent, the incidents of the previous afternoon and evening.

A few books lay upon one shelf, and on another stood a collection of cups, saucers, and plates, cracked, perhaps, and not all matching, but suggestive of convivial parties and good cheer. In one corner lay a cushion embroidered in woolwork with magenta roses, pea-green leaves, and orange-coloured daisies, all upon a background of ultramarine blue.