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She was perhaps only a little less irritating than the man who became so unconscious in the habit of inattention that on one occasion his converser had scarcely finished when he began abstractedly: "Yes, very odd, very odd," and told the identical anecdote all over again.

Going to be an Odd Fellows lodge now?" he laughed. "Something like that," she answered coolly. "Can't afford it, my dear; to be an Odd Fellow costs like thunder!" "We have plenty of funds," was the astonishing reply. "Speak as if you'd inherited the Mosely Estate." Silence on the part of Carrie, who sat at the other end of the table like a Dominique hen brooding strange eggs.

He did not come at once into the library, so I went cautiously to my own room and found him making the bed. This was odd, but only confirmed what I had all along thought, that there are no servants in the house. When later I saw him through the chink of the hinges of the door laying the table in the dining room, I was assured of it.

She ought to know the signs of the weather here by now. Dreaming, I suppose, dreaming. She's an odd woman, Jess, very." Perhaps he did not quite know how accurate his guess was, and how true the conclusion he drew from it. Certainly she had been dreaming, and she was an odd woman. Meanwhile Jess was rapidly changing her clothes and removing the traces of her struggle with the elements.

Father sent me a marked copy, and if you like I will read the article." "I should indeed like to hear it," said Aunt Marcia; "from what Randy says of him I think Timotheus must be an unique character." "He is truly an odd specimen," said Helen, "I cannot imagine what he would write." "Read it, do read it," said Randy, and Jotham read the following: "THORT.

As the subaltern perused it with delight the Colonel said: "Ask your C.O. for leave. Then, if he gives it, get something substantial to eat in the Mess and be ready to start at once. Madpur Duar is thirty odd miles away; and we'll have to travel all night. Come to my bungalow as soon as you can." Half an hour later the two were trudging down the road to the peelkhana carrying their rifles.

"I hope so; I ought to have gone back long ago, and if I had not met the friends I have in this house " I stopped, for I did not know how I should end what I had begun to say. "I am glad you think we are your friends," said the lady, "for we have tried to show ourselves your friends. I feel as if this had given me the right to say something to you that you may think very odd."

We will take them for granted." It was odd how serious the girl had suddenly become. "Tell me the reverse side." "I see no reverse side," replied the stranger. "I see but a fair girl, bursting into noble womanhood." "And nothing else? You read no trace of greed, of vanity, of sordidness, of " An angry laugh escaped her lips. "And you are a reader of faces!" "A reader of faces."

He pretended to be listening for the stealthy approach of their enemies. In reality he was struggling with the feeling which prompted him to leave this picture with the dying man. "I suppose you'd best have it," he said sullenly at last. But Monty shook his head feebly and held out the picture. Trent took it with an odd sense of shame which puzzled him.

The prospect entranced me, and I was mooning along in a happy dream, when I collided violently with in agitated citizen. Then I realized that something very odd was happening. There was a dull sound like the popping of the corks of flat soda-water bottles. There was a humming, too, from very far up in the skies. People in the street were either staring at the heavens or running wildly for shelter.