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I was vexed and mortified, and had fully decided to throw up the whole, on such hairs do things hang, when, suddenly turning a corner, my bridle-reins became entangled in the snaffle of another rider. I loosened them abstractedly, and not till it was necessary to bow to my strange antagonist, on parting, did I glance up.

He had been trying to find a single process to replace the various operations of pounding and maceration to which all flax or cotton or rags, any vegetable fibre, in fact, must be subjected; and as he went to Petit-Claud's office, he abstractedly chewed a bit of nettle stalk that had been steeping in water.

He was particularly pleased with a wonderfully embroidered white cloak and lace cap, which latter article he abstractedly tied on his great fist and found much too small for it. His triumph, when she was given to his arms, he did not attempt to conceal, but carried her into the store with the manner of a large victor bearing his spoils.

So, in like manner, affection may arise between man and man. It was so on this occasion with Nigel Roy. As he stood abstractedly gazing at the boatman he fell in love with him at least he took a powerful fancy to him, and this was all the more surprising that the man was a negro, a woolly-headed, flat-nosed, thick-lipped nigger!

"The first step," murmured Leithgow abstractedly, out of his concentration on dials and patient. "The muscles notice relaxed. The will the ego the nexi of emotions and volitions which oppose external direction all being worked upon, submerged, neutralized but not his knowledge, not his skill. No all that he will retain! You'll notice nothing more until you see his eyes. A few minutes.

Proceeding along the Rue de l'Alma, and listening to the babble of French voices round him, he suddenly paused abstractedly, and said to himself "Somehow it brings back Paris to me, and that last night there, when I bade Freeman good-bye. Poor old boy, I'm glad better days are coming for him. Sure to be better, if he marries Clare.

As to the boy, I beseech you not to undertake to teach him the various sounds of the letters abstractedly from the words in which those sounds are found. This must be learned arbitrarily. My ostracism is enlivened by a constant succession of visitors from New-York and New-Jersey. Swartwout and Bunner have just now come in, and I have not been a day without some one, two, or more.

"Ay, go, sir," answered the Duke abstractedly, puzzling now with knitted brows over the coin that bore his image. "Come, Falcone," said Galeotto, and with his equerry at his heels he set his foot on the first step. Cosimo leaned forward, a sneer on his white hawk-face, "I trust, Ser Galeotto, that you are a better condottiero than a charlatan."

But, as he stood telling his beads, abstractedly listening to the scandal talked by Achmet and Higli, he was not thinking of his brother, but of the two who had just left the chamber. He was speculating as to which room they were likely to enter. They had not gone by the door convenient to passage to Kaid's own apartments.

And, when she recovered herself, "Purple, do you mean?" she asked. "I have always thought purple eyes were a myth." "Now you are making fun," said the professor after a reproachful pause. "How do you mean making fun?" "'I never saw a purple cow," quoted he patiently. "Oh, I wasn't!" cried Desire in distress. Spence begged her pardon. But he did it abstractedly. His eyes were still upon the sky.

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