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"It is high time that we were moving. It doesn't matter who the young man may be." And with that they slip-slopped across to the entrance gates, while Gubin gazed after them with knitted brows, and as the brothers were disappearing through the wicket said carelessly: "The old sheep!

"Why do we linger? The wind favors us, and the tide sweeps forward forward! See how the lights beckon from the harbor!" He bent his brows and looked almost angrily at Svensen. "Do what thou hast to do!" and his tones were sharp and imperious. "I must press on!"

But whatever the emotions that inspired these things she lacked all those outward signs of feeling which few women, under similar circumstances, could have resisted. There were no tears. Yet her brows were puckered threateningly. She was absorbed, deeply absorbed, but it was hardly with the absorption of blind grief. She paused abruptly. The startled look in her eyes displayed real apprehension.

Vostrand, but he did not feel strong in her defence; he was not sure that Durgin was quite wrong, absurd as he had been. He sat down and looked up at his visitor under his brows. "What are you here for, Jeff? Not to complain of Mrs. Vostrand?" Jeff gave a short, shamefaced laugh. "No, it's this you're such an old friend of Mrs.

Now he stood, a pitiable shadow, and begged mutely of the only tender hand he had known for understanding of this strange weakness that took his limbs and sent the heavens whirling. McElroy looked long upon him. "'Tis a shame," he said, his straight brows drawing together, "the dog is a better brute than Bois."

"Have I?" she queried, with an arch lifting of the penciled brows that came straight from her French mother. "Mayhap you overheard me say it, Monsieur Eavesdropper?" "God help me, little one so I did," said I. All in a flash her laughing mood was gone and she stood before me like an accusing goddess. "You told me once the past was like a dream to you; you must have dreamed that part of it, sir.

Thord's brows were heavy and lowering, his eyes were wild and unrestful, and his attitude and expression were such as caused Leroy to watch him with a little more than his usual close attention. Seeing that his companions expected him to answer Lotys before them all, he spoke with evident effort.

These, under a pair of grey bushy brows, met the world humorously, while they kept watch on it for unconsidered trifles; but never perhaps so humorously as when their owner, having clutched his prey, turned a deaf ear to appeal. For the rest, Mr.

The gaslight showed her the possessor of bright brown eyes, under fine brows slenderly but clearly marked, of a pink and white skin slightly freckled, of a small nose quite passable, but no ways remarkable, of a dainty little chin, and a thin-lipped mouth, slightly raised at one corner, and opening readily over some irregular but very white teeth.

"On the cliffs there are little marmots playing together like monkeys." Euthemio directed the telescope toward the approaching vessel, and his brows contracted; his face was pale as death. Timéa took the glass from his hand and looked again for the marmots on the rocks. Euthemio kept his arm round her waist.