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"If we can loosen the grip of this monster for only forty-eight hours, and flash the news to this bleeding, sweating, choking land that the grip is loosened after that we need do no more. Après nous, le déluge; only not now in the sense of wreck and ruin, but meaning that this deluge shall forever wash away the tyranny and crime of Capitalism!

But he noticed the man's long, shoulder-length, sandy-colored hair, his dark skin, his Oriental features and his ski- pant type trousers. He was puzzled. Then it came into his mind like a flash, he was looking at a person from some other world! They talked. George pointed to his camera but the man from Venus politely refused to be photographed.

John in writing to Dorothy concerning his journey to Scotland had unhesitatingly intrusted to her keeping his honor, and, unwittingly, his life. It did not once occur to him that she could, under any conditions, betray him. I trusted her as John did until I saw her vivid flash of burning jealousy.

The paddlers were propelling the boat slowly in her direction it was almost upon her now there was a shout from a man in the bow she had been seen. Like a flash she dove once more and, turning, struck out rapidly straight back beneath the oncoming boat.

"Star thought we were just going on the sands." "And so we are," replied Roger. "We're taking a train that runs on the sands," he mimicked in a teasing, boyish way. "Why don't you call it a beach?" "Because it is sands," retorted Edith with a pretty flash of spirit that Roger already delighted to arouse. "The tram-line is far beyond the shingle."

The light may come with a blinding flash, but it is light none the less, and we can see. And now the time had come when I was to use that gift of speech which I had discovered in Sibsey Church that I possessed, and to use it to move hearts and brains all over the English land. In 1874, tentatively, and in 1875 definitely, I took up this keen weapon, and have used it ever since.

And across her grief came one great flash of joy as she realized that in all her troubles and sorrows she would have him with her. 'There he is now, said Miss Abingdon, 'coming up the drive! Jane, my dear, how awfully ill Peter looks. Oh, my dear, you should have told me how ill he looks! Jane went out to the hall door without speaking. 'What is wrong? she said briefly.

You may fancy yourself sitting in the Villa Reale, if you could only have a flash of blue sea underneath the branches of the trees." But when they had crossed over and got into the comparative quiet of the Park, she resolutely returned to her English again; and now she was telling him about the people in Naples whom he used to know, and of their various fortunes and circumstances.

Roberts awoke from the dead vacancy of sleep to the sensation of a flash of light crossing his eyelids, and to catch a glimpse of a man's neck with a red necktie illuminated by flame like a Rembrandt head in the centre of shadow. He leaped forward literally yelling the incendiary he wholly forgot his rick! his rick!

All at once a red flash sped through the air, something straight and rapid as the flight of a fiery bird. Then the mountain trembled and the sea echoed under a dry thunder. The sunset gun!... A timely boom. The two shuddered as though just awakening from a dream.