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"They're very much like their father," said the hostess, smiling with gentle significance. "Very much," echoed the host, with less delicacy. "Their mother is one of those women who stand in terror of their husband's will. Now, if he were to die and leave her with a will of her own she would hardly know what to do with it I mean with her will or the property either."

"Morano," said Rodriguez as he passed that foolish figure, "we go sixty miles to-morrow." "Sixty, master?" said Morano. "A hundred: two hundred." "It is best to rest now," said his master. "Two hundred, master, two hundred," Morano replied. And then Rodriguez left him, and heard him muttering his challenge to distance still, "Two hundred, two hundred," till the old stairway echoed with it.

"She has such a way of trusting us girls that we just couldn't disappoint her." "She is lovely," echoed Agony, as they went up the steps of Gitchee-Gummee. "I think I'll leave a note for the girls telling them I won't be back at supper time," said Agony, hastily pulling out her tablet. "They will be wondering what has become of me."

"Yes," he admitted. "Yes. I suppose that is the real question, mother. It all depends " She looked up at him sharply, as if in haste to probe the limits of his hesitation. "Depends?" she echoed. "Upon the way you feel about it, mother." She shook her head. "Not that," she offered swift correction; "but upon the question which is right. You are at the forking of the roads, the narrow and the broad.

While the others fetched their breakfast-cans, he stepped over, and bent and whispered "Tell me. Ye've seen what?" "Seen?" Long Ede echoed. "Ay, seen what? Speak low was it the sun?" "The s " But this time the echo died on his lips, and his face grew full of awe uncomprehending. It frightened the Gaffer.

"Tame?" echoed the girl, smiling. "I've had enough excitement to last me all my life, dear. I think that Major Dermot has put it rather mildly. I'm sure even I could tell the story better."

Singularly enough, the sharp call of the telephone-bell still echoed in her ear, and her body and mind were in a state of tension, as if, at any moment, she might hear another summons of greater interest to her than the whole of the nineteenth century.

A cry of astonishment and admiration echoed from the parched weary lips, which had long since ceased to utter question or answer; and it soon rang from rank to rank, from tribe to tribe, to the very lepers at the end of the procession and the rear-guard which followed it.

"You do mind giving faith and sympathy!" Beverley burst out. "Why should you take me on faith, and refuse it to another? You knew nothing about me ... I know nothing about this child...." "Ah, you're sure you know nothing about her!" His tone was bitter. "What could I know?" she echoed. "I brought her straight home, and she hasn't been able to talk ... except a few words."

"And me?" she inquired with a smile that pursed her lips. "You no like me?" I laughed. "I did not say that," I observed. "How could it be otherwise? Even though you will be offended, I must wonder if you know how much you mean to him." "To him?" she echoed vaguely, in alarm. "To your husband," I went on. "You see, he has told me a good deal of his life.

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