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"That depends on what you mean by wise. I should call him a wise man, for to find out that tune is the truest wisdom. But he's not a learned man at all. I doubt if he ever read a book but the Bible, except perhaps the Pilgrim's Progress. I believe he has always been very fond of that. You like that don't you, Ranald?" "I've read it a good many times, father.

Saunders gestured toward the cañon behind Gophertown. The saloon-keeper shook his head. "Don't think most of our boys will be back this week. Brandin' that bunch of new stock. Takes time to do it right." "Well, here comes Parks and Santa Smith," said Saunders. "That makes four of us." "Mebby and mebby not," said the saloon-keeper. "That depends.

To the men in an organization it is also of great value, for by it they can estimate their own prospects for progress. They risk not only their earning power but their chances for personal development. Their chances in acquisition of high degree of ability and in advance from position to position also depends upon the policy of management and success of the enterprise.

The proportion, therefore, between the productive and unproductive hands, depends very much in every country upon the proportion between that part of the annual produce, which, as soon as it comes either from the ground, or from the hands of the productive labourers, is destined for replacing a capital, and that which is destined for constituting a revenue, either as rent or as profit.

The poignancy of music depends upon just this fact that through it we get a revelation of ourselves to ourselves. In the other arts, this revelation is indirect, occurring through the representation of the lives of other, real or fictitious, personalities; but in music, it is direct; for there the object of expression is oneself.

I expect you to grasp the inner meaning. Now the real answer to this question is that there can be no answer! To a perceptive mind it would be impossible to reply without further information. It entirely depends on how the paper is cut out, and the amount of waste incurred in matching the pattern!" The girls shrieked aloud in mingled protest and delight.

"Life's on'y a fleetin' show, John, as the sayin' is. We've all got to go, sooner or later. To go with a clean record's the main thing. Fact is, it's the on'y thing worth strivin' for, John." "Yes, that's so, William, that's so; there ain't no getting around it. Which of these lots would you recommend?" "Well, it depends, John. Are you particular about outlook?"

Then I rouse my resolution, and put the momentous question on which our future depends. "Do you wish to see the letter, Eustace?" Instead of answering directly, he questions me in his turn. "Have you got the letter here?" "Yes." "Sealed up?" "Sealed up." He waits a little, considering what he is going to say next before he says it,

"After all," said the Lawyer, "the Doctor is probably right. It all depends on one's point of view." "And one's temperament," said the Violinist. "And one's education," said the Critic. Just here the Doctor came back, and he came back his smiling self.

But, Lord, what a lot of programmes go through per schedule! Still, you are right. It all depends upon chance. We say a thing is cut and dried, but we can't prove it. But so far as I can see into the future, nothing is going to happen, nobody is going to walk the plank. Piracy on a basis of 2.75 per cent. the kick gone out of it!