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Up and down the length of the cave he strode like some imprisoned wild thing. At length, standing quite still with folded arms, he seemed to lose himself in thought. "Battling with the surf I did not see nor hear," he muttered at last. "But he could not sail without me!" he added. Fiercely he raised his head and his eyes flashed. "He dare not so betray me!" Wildenai, too, had been considering.

Nevertheless, considering the great multitude of people who were leaning upon him, he should account himself disgraced if, for the sake of his own private advantage, he were to recommend a peace which was not perfectly secure. As regarded his own personal interests, he could easily place himself beyond danger yet it would be otherwise with the people.

McLean, and they looked up at him, staring and fascinated. "Not having three feet," said the cow-puncher, always grave and slow, "I can only give two this here job." "He's got a big pistol and a belt!" exulted the leader, who had precociously felt beneath Lin's coat. "You're a smart boy," said Lin, considering him, "and yu' find a man out right away.

Spoker, the situation of man," said the Captain, smiling, and shaking his head. "I am much more engaged in considering the position of the ship," said Mr. Spoker. "Spoken like a good officer," replied the Captain, laying his hand on the lieutenant's shoulder. On deck they found the men had broken into the spirit-room, and were fast getting drunk.

When Richard read this letter, he was at first in a dreadful rage, and he broke out into an explosion of the most violent, profane, and passionate language that can be conceived. Presently he looked at the letter again, and on reperusing it, and carefully considering its contents, he declared that he did not believe that Philip ever wrote it.

Two months after his father's death he most reluctantly sent in his papers, considering it his duty to settle down on the estate; but ten days later came the news of the outbreak of the Sepoys of Barrackpoor, and he at once telegraphed to the War Office, asking to be allowed to cancel his application for leave to sell out.

Poor Bryan! it never entered into his reckless brain to think that, considering the life of almost constant peril he led in the land of his pilgrimage, there was more hope of the longevity of his old mother than of himself. Like many of his countrymen, he was a man of strong, passionate, warm feelings, and remarkably unselfish.

"I don't think that would be like Riccabocca; more like him to run away in order to deprive Frank of the best of all occasions to court Violante, if he so desired; for where could he see more of her than at the Casino?" SQUIRE. "That's well put. Considering he was only a foreign doctor, and, for aught we know, once went about in a caravan, he is a gentleman-like fellow, that Rickeybockey.

But when he should cross this line, how many days' travelling it would need to reach it, was a matter of conjecture, and he must be guided by circumstances, the appearance of the country, and his hunter's instinct. On the way back to Wolfstead Felix was occupied in considering how he could leave his friends, and yet be able to return to them and resume his position.

Captain Williams' party had now an abundance of delicious buffalo meat, but it was at the expense of a horse, a considerable balance on the debtor side, considering the long and weary march yet to be made.

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