Everything tends, in fact, to one and the same conclusion, which is clearly enunciated in that classic Berlin phrase: "Juden Raus!" I shall now put the Question in the briefest possible form: Are we to "get out" now and where to? Or, may we yet remain? And, how long? Let us first settle the point of staying where we are.

"An ideal arrangement!" sneered Saltash. "And I should then settle down to a godly, righteous, and sober life, I suppose? Is that the idea?" "You said it," observed Larpent, pushing his pipe into his mouth. Saltash lodged one foot on the high fender, and stared at it. The sneer died out of his face and the old look, half mischievous, half melancholy, took its pace.

Even today there are some general indications of how the workers are going to settle their own problems. Some foreign critics and some critics at home are very severe upon the backwardness of the labor movement in the United States, and in these criticisms there is a large element of truth.

It was the dead body of a hound the one evidently at which I had fired. 'There is one of them disposed of, 'I cried joyously; 'we have but two to settle with now. 'As I spoke we heard the crack of two pistol-shots some little distance to the left. Heading our steeds in that direction, we pressed on at the top of our speed.

In order to be able to follow her to Siberia, as Nekhludoff was firmly resolved to do, he was now obliged to visit his estates, and settle matters there. Nekhludoff first went to the nearest, Kousminski, a large estate that lay in the black earth district, and from which he derived the greatest part of his income.

When two parties enter into a bargain and one breaks it, there is usually a parting of the ways, a personal conflict perhaps, when there is not also a lawsuit. But no court could settle the differences between the United States and Germany.

Even truths which he has in hand and uses daily may continue something external to himself, If the architect takes up a pen to settle the strength of a pier by a complicated calculation, the truth found as a result is no emanation from his own mind.

Rose was trying hard to fit the lock of the gate into the hasp, and had no hand free. Besides, he did not approach her. 'Good-night! she said to him over her shoulder. 'Oh, and Mr. Langham! Catherine called after him as he strode away, 'will you settle with Robert about the carriage? He turned, made a sound of assent, and went on. 'When? asked Rose lightly. 'For the nine-o'clock train.

He slammed the street door violently, railing at clients who ruin themselves by sensitiveness. Balthazar was right. No inventory could be made. Nothing, therefore, was done to settle the relation of the father to the children in the matter of property. Several months went by and brought no change to the House of Claes.

But it is an early start, for we must be back in Peshawar at six for fear of raiding natives." "I know; they hauled me up in the dusk the other day, and told me I should be swept off to the hills if I fooled about after dusk. But I say is it safe for you to go? You ought to have a man. Could I go too?" I thought she did not look enthusiastic at the proposal. "Ask. You know I settle nothing.