The two men at the stove stared at one another. "How did you hear your call?" asked the despatcher. Again their ears were on edge. And Rucker answered, "I always come down once in the night to put coal on the fire." "Another illusion destroyed," smiled Morris Blood. "Hang him, I'll promote him, anyway, for attending to his fire." "But you couldn't do that again in a thousand years, Mr.

Some were afire; the smoke of burning straw and clothing and foodstuffs mingling with the yet low-lying powder smoke and with the pall of Valley dust. Horses lay stark across the way, or, dying, stared with piteous eyes. The sky was like a bowl of brass, and in the concave buzzards were sailing.

Tuesday morning, as he drove in his fine car, splendidly dressed, his yellow eyes half hidden behind smoked glasses, a couple of Boy Scouts came out of Colonel Bright's office as he stopped his car at the steps. Porky and Beany stopped and stared. "Out of the way!" said the Wolf, as he approached the door. Porky and Beany stepped obediently aside.

For a moment the crowd of gamblers stared, aghast; then the look of trapped animals came into their faces, and with the noise of splintering wood below, they made a rush at the money on the floor.

But it seemed to Flaxman that her heart was broken that half of her, in feeling, was already on the other side of this horror which stared them all in the face. Was it his perception of it which stirred Robert after a while to a greater hopefulness of speech, a constant bright dwelling on the flowery sunshine for which they were about to exchange the fog and cold of London?

He was arrested both by the astounding statement and by something unusually placable in her tone. He stared at her as his way was. Then, suddenly, he had a light on it. "Gwenda, there must be something behind all this. You'd better tell me straight out what's happened." "Nothing has happened." "You know what I mean. We've spoken about this before.

"Every article of our dress," says Laing, "was a subject of admiration; observing me pull off my gloves, Yareddi stared, covered his widely-opened mouth with his hands, and at length exclaimed, 'Alla Akbar! 'he has pulled the skin off his hands! By degrees, and as he became more familiar, he alternately rubbed down Dr.

At last I seated myself before the fire, and stared into it to blinding. "Won't some one lend you a glass, Georgie?" said mother. "Of course they will!" I cried, for, you see, I hadn't a wit of my own, and I ran out.

I stared hard at him, and he gave me a sidelong look, after which he gave three or four of the snails a thrust with a bit of stick to where they would cook better, took up another, and wriggled it out with the pin.

The poor visitor stared round him dizzily, and sank into a chair, breathing hard. The colonel looked as a man only looks upon a poor relation, and buttoned up first one trouser pocket and then the other. "I thought you were in Canada," said the colonel, at last. Mr.