With a truss of straw to help, you'll manage it somehow eh, old lady? I'll be bound!" And with that he told Malcolm's condition. "Well, I suppose we must manage it somehow," answered his wife, "but I'm afraid we can't make him over comfortable." "I don't see but we could take him in at the house," said Caley, reflectively. "There is a small room empty in the garret, I know.

On the day after the squall, as Ned and the captain were standing on the shore regarding their late floating, and now grounded, home in sad silence, a long-legged, lantern-jawed man, in dirty canvas trousers, long boots, a rough coat, and broad straw hat, with an enormous cigar in his mouth, and both hands in his trousers-pockets, walked up and accosted them.

"We are but phantoms," he said, "and the phantoms of phantoms, desires like cloud shadows and wills of straw that eddy in the wind; the days pass, use and wont carry us through as a train carries the shadow of its lights, so be it! But one thing is real and certain, one thing is no dreamstuff, but eternal and enduring.

When my mother spoke to him he asked her not to interfere." "Ah!" For a few swift moments the generous treatment called to her own generosity, and for the sake of the understanding father she was almost ready to let go the straw.

If I refused to comply with this request, he could not undertake to control himself, and he thought it quite likely that he might "follow his heart's dearest aspirations," and set forth on the journey to Frankfort in search of Minna. My aunt's letter was full of the subject of Jack Straw.

Green-glass goggles, a broad-brimmed straw hat, a pongee shirt, loose trousers of brown linen, and dust-colored canvas shoes made up the outer man of a personality as distinctly unmilitary as it was ponderous. Slow and labored in movement, the major was correspondingly sluggish in speech.

"If my companionship, just to run down and see how you are, wherever you may be, will help to cheer you up and amuse you, there is no reason why I shouldn't manage it." She knew he was making a concession of which he was half-afraid, because of what he owed her, and while one half of her longed to be self-sacrificing and release him, the other half fiercely demanded the straw that yet might save.

So the taskmasters who were over the people went out and said to them, "This is Pharaoh's order, 'I will no longer give you straw. Go yourselves, get straw wherever you can find it; but your work shall not be made less." So the people were scattered over all the land of Egypt to gather stubble for straw.

These, and white straw hats with light blue or pink ribbons and roses, were the objects of their vehement admiration. They went up and down, lost sight of and met again the same dresses, and the same stiff quiet Sunday faces. This was repeated until it became wearisome, and Silla proposed that they should go somewhere else, which, under Georgina's guidance, led to a walk round the fortress.

The straw therefore stretched itself from one bank to the other, and the coal, who was of an impetuous disposition, tripped quite boldly on to the newly-built bridge. But when she had reached the middle, and heard the water rushing beneath her, she was, after all, afraid, and stood still, and ventured no farther. The straw, however, began to burn, broke in two pieces, and fell into the stream.