The very name of the sect carries with it an impression of meanness and hypocrisy. Scarce an individual that has had any dealings with those belonging to it, but has good cause to remember it from some circumstance of low deception or of shuffling fraud. Its very members trust each other with caution and reluctance.

"Well, the point is that Pitzela and the way he treats his son is a scandal. You know why? Because he uses his son as an advertisement. Pitzela's son, mind you, is so weak and old that he can hardly walk and he carries a heavy cane and his hands shake like leaves. And Pitzela drags him around all over. To banquets. To political meetings. To the Yiddish theater. All over.

Oh, papa! he has often saved that life you value so; and I have saved his. He is all the world to me. Have pity on your child. Have pity on him who carries my heart in his bosom!" She flung herself on her knees, and strained him tight, and implored him, with head thrown back, and little clutching hands, and eloquent eyes.

"But indeed you would look charming in anything." Katherine swept her a curtsy. "Now that is a compliment most flatteringly paid. Really, Nellie, I don't see how you can expect me to be properly humble-minded if you say things of that sort, for you are such a dear, sincere little person that every word you speak carries conviction with it. But Miles is waiting and I must be off.

There are twenty things we might do to annoy him, which would help to bring him to his senses. For instance, when the steward carries the coffee into the professors' cabin, one fellow might engage his attention, while another drops a lump of salt, a handful of pepper, or a piece of tobacco into the urn."

In the law of almost every country, the character of an Alien Enemy carries with it a disability to sue, or to sustain, in the language of the civilians, a persona standi in judicio.

I don't know even the Mulligan's town residence. One night, as he bade us adieu in Oxford Street, "I live THERE," says he, pointing down towards Oxbridge, with the big stick he carries so his abode is in that direction at any rate. He has his letters addressed to several of his friends' houses, and his parcels, &c. are left for him at various taverns which he frequents.

Dabney's apple dumplings with that hard sugar stuff smothered with cream well, of course I could wait until breakfast, but I'd be mighty weak. Your night train carries no dining car."

"But God knows best," she quickly added, as she remembered many blessings. "Here comes Olaf!" shouted Fritz from below. "Come quickly, lest he think thee tardy." "Yes, yes, I come. I see him," was her reply. "But what is that he carries something he has picked up on the way?" "A Christmas gift for thee," was the merry answer from Olaf's ringing voice, as he laid a strange bundle in her arms.

The woman's feet were swollen and bleeding, but later in the day again saw her hobbling along in the rear by the aid a bamboo. The traders march in good form; one flag leads the party, guarded by eight or ten men, while a native carries a box of five hundred cartridges for their use in case of an attack.