'Bags, he said laconically. 'Vest, he added, doing the same to his other pocket. 'Shoes, he concluded, 'you will observe I am carrying in a handy brown paper parcel, and if anybody wants to know what's in it, I shall tell them it's acid drops. Sure you won't come, too? 'Quite, thanks. 'All right. So long then. Be good while I'm gone. And he passed on down the road that led to Stapleton.

The grace that saved us at first, the grace that comes to us, filtered in drops during our earthly experience, is poured upon us in a flood at last. And the brightest glory of heaven is as much a manifestation of the Divine grace as the first rudimentary germs of a better life now and here.

The lightning was followed by a peal almost as terrible, but distant, for it sounded hollow and deep; the hills, however, caught up its voice, seemingly repeating it from summit to summit, till it was lost in interminable space. Other flashes and peals succeeded, but slight in comparison, and a few drops of rain descended. The body of the tempest seemed to be over another region.

Nobody as a rule drops in on us save inordinately proud and conscientious ghosts, whose self-conceit is intolerable, and whose demands are outrageous." "How can that be?" "Why, we have to punish them. Of course they are not properly punished until they are convinced that what is happening to them is just and adequate.

The moment he sits down to table, he carefully pares his cotogne and cuts it into sections, which he drops into a glass of red wine where they repose until the meal is finished; by this time the fruit has become thoroughly saturated, and it is then eaten with apparent relish.

The top had been cut off and a ring of boughs was left round the place, and it made the most comfortable seat, almost like a cradle. One day you went to New York and when you came back you brought me a box of candy. Do you remember it burnt almonds and chocolate drops with a dog painted on the cover?

The worthy master, with many low bows, approached De Chemerant, whose dry, harsh face, with its piercing glance, seemed to intimidate him greatly. "I am sure that this poor man is all in a perspiration," said the governor to De Chemerant, in a pitying tone. In fact, great drops of perspiration covered the prominent veins on the bald and sunburned forehead of Captain Daniel.

When she made some effort to regain his lap he surreptitiously suggested, with the tip of his boot, that their entente was at an end. A few drops of rain beat on the window, and the shoemaker looked up, his glasses shining, the bumps on his forehead gleaming. "Do you know the reason God makes it rain?" he asked.

I gave her the letter and she placed it in the safest, the most secret, place she knew, her bosom. Then her eyes scanned me over. "Oh! sir," she cried, in sudden alarm, "you are hurt. You are bleeding." I put my hand to my cheek, but then I remembered I had already wiped away the few drops of blood from there with my handkerchief. "Your arm, sir," she pointed. "Oh! just a scratch, Maisie."

The tall elms which beautify the little village of G were waving to and fro their pendent branches, heavy with the evening damp, and as the boughs swayed against the window panes of one of the largest mansions in the town, the glass was moistened by the crystal drops.