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It had now been proved by many voyagers of experience that in cold countries, as well as hot, men work harder, and endure the extremity of hardship better, without strong drink than with it, and the Dolphin's crew were engaged on the distinct understanding that coffee, and tea, and chocolate were to be substituted for rum, and that spirits were never to be given to any one on board, except in cases of extreme necessity.

This makes the how many is it?" "I don't know, Dads, and it isn't the number; it's the awful habit they've got into and I don't understand anything and I don't encourage them, do I? Do lend me a hankie this chocolate has burst and what am I to do?" "Turn a deaf ear, or a cold shoulder, or put a brave face on, until " said Dads, retrieving his handkerchief. "Until what?"

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid petitioned the Government to order an inquiry into the affairs of these religious bodies, pointing out that they were establishing manufactories of shoes, chocolate, fancy post-cards, and other objects of commerce, interfering with the ordinary trades, and underselling them, because, under the plea of being charitable institutions, they evaded duty.

We learned the home and habits of the shrimp-pink mushroom, which is generally eaten salted; of the fat white and birch mushrooms, with their chocolate caps, to be eaten fresh; of the brown and green butter mushroom, most delicious of all to our taste, and beloved of the black beetle, whom we surprised at his feast.

John loaded his boat with muskets, several chests and casks, which contained food and wine. There was also a powder-horn, some kegs of powder, a fire shovel, tongs, two brass kettles, a copper pot for chocolate, and a gridiron. These and some loose clothes belonging to the sailors formed the first cargo taken ashore.

Scores of old establishments are being reborn productively. There is the case of a famous chocolate works that before the war rebuffed an instructor in factory reorganisation. Last year it saw the light, hired an American expert, and to-day the output has been increased by twenty-five per cent.

At noon we pass along a ledge of chocolate cliffs, and, taking out our sandwiches, we make a dinner as we ride along. Yesterday our Indians discussed for hours the route which we should take.

"The big folks are going to dance, and that is black Joe, Mr. Winslow's man." Mr. Winslow and a young lady had arrived also. They tendered many apologies about their lateness. The people in the dining room left the table and came out in the hall. Cary Adams had been having a very nice time, for a young fellow. Isabel poured the chocolate, and on her right sat a Harvard senior.

"I have not yet had my chocolate," she confessed, "but what a material man you are." "Valentine," he said impulsively, "I wish, I do wish that you would, just for this once, give me the whole day, just for this once." "Oh dear," she smiled, "not only material, but selfish!" "Not selfish, hungry," he said, looking at her. "A cannibal too; oh dear!" "Will you, Valentine?" "But my chocolate "

Actually the woman was so filled with maternal instincts that the bare dream of Harry as her Lillian's husband had given her a sort of motherly solicitude for him, which she had not lost. "It's a shame," said she. "Oh, well, it's none of my funeral," said Lillian, easily. She took a chocolate out of a box which her lover had sent her, and began nibbling it like a squirrel. "Poor man," said Mrs.

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