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English, Irish, and Scotch from the British Isles and the ends of the earth mingle there with Indians, Egyptians, and the chattering Mongolians in queer fur caps who work in the bakeries. I went through one of these bakeries, almost as large as an automobile factory, fragrant with the aroma of two hundred thousand loaves of bread.

And to no pretensions do ladies ever concede with so little demur, as those which depend upon that feminine art which all study, and in which few excel. Women never allow beauty in a face that has an odd-looking bonnet above it, nor will they readily allow any one to be ugly whose caps are unexceptionable.

The simplest were egg-shells, dyed and stained in brilliant colors, and filled with bits of cut paper; these were broken upon the heads of persons as they passed, setting loose the bits of paper which became entangled in the hair and scattered over the clothing. Some had, pasted over the open ends, little conical caps of colored tissue-paper.

And there are eulogists of the modern time! And the man's daughter was declared to belong to it! A visit in May to the Italian cantatrice separated from her husband, would render the maiden an accomplished flinger of caps over the windmills. At home Victor discovered, that there was not much more than a truce between Nesta and Nataly. He had a medical hint from Dr.

She went out last night with Fred in her red blouse you know that silk blouse she is so fond of wearing?" "I know; it is sweetly pretty," said Elma. "Oh, there you are, praising everything she does! Well, anyhow, she wore it, and her arms were bare to the elbow, and she stuck one of the college caps on her head. What will Dr. Butler say? She went with Fred to see you, by the way, Elma.

'Well, it caps me, it do! Hannah said to herself, in her astonishment as she stood on her own doorstep the day after the arrival, and watched the figures of David and Sandy disappearing along the light crisp snow of the nearer fields in the direction of the Red Brook and the sheep-fold. They had looked in to ask for Reuben, and had gone in pursuit of him.

They are also fitted with steel oil caps to the end of the bushes, which are provided with a small set screw, so that the cap need not be taken off when it is necessary to lubricate the wheel, as by simply taking out the set screw oil may be poured through the hole into the cap.

At the same end of the room were seated the soberly clad members of the sect the men on one side of the apartment, with their broad-brimmed hats removed; on the other side the sisters, with their extremely plain book-muslin caps and otherwise sober attire. A portion of the services was in English. Dr. , a practitioner of medicine and a bishop in this Church, spoke extemporaneously in our language.

On her coming alongside, she was found to contain two natives of great consequence, it seemed, judging from their costume, that is to say, if scarlet dresses, or rather wrappers round the loins, and ornamented caps, might be admitted as tests of rank.

Finally, he could go no farther, and we waited until we could send him forward in a passing cart. He being dispatched, we travelled on, I and my friend with the boot-necklace, till we met a little crowd of men in blouses, little queer caps, knapsacks, and ragged beards, all carrying sticks.