"Yes," said George, "we are homeward bound, and have been gone so long that we feel in somewhat of a hurry." "May I ask where your home is?" "In southern Ohio, at the settlement of Woodvale, near the mouth of the Miami." "You are a long way from there." "Yes," Victor took it upon himself to remark, "but we have been a good deal farther." "When did you leave Woodvale?" "About a year ago."

In the darkness, I have at times heard the tramping of many feet; in a land traversed only by Indian trails I have listened to an overloaded freight train toiling up a steep grade; I have heard the noise of distant battle and the cries of the victor and the vanquished.

"To live?" Aunt Bella said. "To live," Mamma said. "And is Emilius going to allow it? What's Victor thinking of, bringing her down here?" "They want to be near Emilius. They think he'll look after her." "It was Victor who would have her at home, and Victor might look after her himself. She was his favourite sister." "He doesn't want to be too responsible.

On the other hand, live thou with me as a victor. Honoured duly by me, O king, thou wilt go to my abode. Both the kings then worshipped that Brahmana, and trusting each other, proceeded to the capital of Mithila.

'It is a bargain, replied Stan, though at the moment he did not know how, supposing he DID come off the victor, he would ever be able to drive so large a flock home. However, that matter could be settled later. At present night was not far off, and he must consider how best to fight with the dragon.

"Don Ramón, you ought to remove that bush," his clerical friends would say to him with a smile of affectionate banter. "Why, man, you look just like Victor Emmanuel himself, the Pope's jailer." The patio of the Brull mansion was the throne of his sovereignty.

He had had no nightly rest to speak of since that day when, in the grounds of the Chateau Borel, the sister of Victor Haldin had appeared before him. The perplexities and the complex terrors I may say of this sleeplessness are recorded in the document I was to see later the document which is the main source of this narrative.

Victor, that he was "no sportsman," though his style was effulgent. We seldom met again, unhappily, for I was then with a family in whose company he would have been happy: all young, all kind, simple, and beautiful, and all doomed. Stevenson was then seriously ill, certainly a short walk fatigued him.

Once, when the corner was drawn a little aside, he caught the sparkle of a bright eye, which was instantly withdrawn, as if the owner had noticed that his peeping was observed and he was scared. By and by the eye appeared again, and remained longer than before. Victor smiled and crooked his finger at the peeping Tom.

'You none of you guessed Armandine's business! Victor cried, in a glee that pushed to make the utmost of this matter and count against chagrin.