Narcisse Borel, followed by some of his men, descended into the cellar. All stopped, struck with such a horrible spectacle.

Since the departure of Bradamanti, who had accompanied the step-mother of Madame d'Harville to Normandy, Tortillard had returned to his father's house. Placed as lookout on the top of the staircase leading down to the inn, the little cripple was to notify the arrival of the Martials by a concerted signal, Bras-Rouge being then in secret conference with Narcisse Borel, a police-officer.

They all say it is remarkable we should be sent among them in this time of war in the land with the message of peace. The little meeting which had been begun by Auguste Borel had been discontinued in consequence of his removal into the country. He visited them, and they found him alive in the truth and full of affection as before.

Mlle Borel was a most useful person, as she always went to the post to claim Balzac's letters, and through Madame Hanska he sends her many directions, and specially enjoins great caution.

When Cador and Borel were in the net, the Romans sallied forth from their hiding. The hard ground trembled beneath the thunder of the destriers' hoofs. They charged home fiercely amongst their adversaries, but for all their amazement the Britons sustained the shock like men. Bedevere and Richier gave ear to the tumult, and the noise of the shouting. Their first thought was to the prisoners.

When half the folk in the country were dead it was then that the other half could pick and choose who they would work for, and for what wage. That is why I say that the murrain was the best friend that the borel folk ever had." "True, Jenkin," said another workman; "but it is not all good that is brought by it either.

When she looked up a warm color flushed her pale cheeks, and she tried to conceal the sheet of paper on which she had been working. "This is Mr. Hamilton, Marie, and this is my friend, Marie Borel, Uncle Henry," said Ruth quickly. "You two should be very good friends, for Uncle Henry's just been telling me how fond he is of Switzerland."

Pierre Borel, in his "Antiquites Gauloises," maintains the opinion that Jacques was an honest man, and that he made his gold out of lead and copper by means of the philosopher's stone. The alchymic adepts in general were of the same opinion; but they found it difficult to persuade even his contemporaries of the fact. Posterity is still less likely to believe it.

There were ladies' cloaks "a la Huniade," whilst the illustrious Borel, of the Rocher de Cancaile, named new dishes after the famous Hungarian. Hunyady's luck for a long time was prodigious: no bank could resist his attacks; and at one time he must have been a winner of nearly two millions of francs.

These two had lately met for the first time since 1833, when Garibaldi, or 'Borel, as he was called in the ranks of 'Young Italy, went to Marseilles to make the acquaintance of the head and brain of the society which he had joined, as has been mentioned, on the banks of the Black Sea.